Do you believe in karma?

I do! First things first, I am not a Cincinnati fan. With that said, it looks like the Pittsburgh Steelers's are going to be feeling it, karma, that is! Ben Roethlisberger is in surgery following a motorcycle crash. In my humble opinion, the only way the Steelers could beat Cincinnati in the play-offs was to take out Carson Palmer, who by the way looks promising for the 2006 season. Ben on the other hand may not be there. Next time Ben, wear a helmet! That is how karma works and if you are not careful, it will make you it's bitch!



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3 responses to “Do you believe in karma?

  1. let me guess, you’re a bengals fan

    that’s a horrible outlook on this situation…karma? are you kidding me? if one of cincy’s linemen took out his knee, sure…we’re still not sure if this is going to have serious non-NFL related harm to him. The man broke his jaw, gashed the back of his head and crushed a sinus…eff football, he may have difficulty breathing, eating, etc for the rest of his life.

    i am a steeler’s fan…and a motorcycle rider…and i think he’s totally irresponsible for not wearing a helmet or riding a bike altogether at the beginning of his career…but c’mon karma? that’s tough pal…

  2. nope, i’m a cleveland fan. i’m a motorcycle rider as well, but karma is karma. the joy that pittsburgh took in the loss of carson palmer was very evident. i do not wish any ill will on anyone, but when you forsake safety for comfort, this is what you get. karma is a bitch. karma comes in all forms. this just happens to be pittsburgh’s karma, not ben’s.

  3. i didn’t take joy on palmer going down…i happen to like the bengals (god i hope none of my steeler fan friends read that) but it’s true…i think they have a great coach and amazing talent. and yeah the hit on palmer was prob a little late, but i highly doubt that Kimo’s intent was to knock him out of the game.

    either way…i hope if anything PA gets their heads out of their asses and puts the helmet law back in place.

    anyway you slice it up, karma theory or not…it’s a shame that it happened and i hope he’s ok. i just think saying it’s justified that it happened b/c palmer got hurt on the playing field is a bit much.

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