Now I’m really grossed out!!

I work for a very good technical company. Were I to mention the name you would think very highly of the company as well as the employees. I’ve learned a few things about the people I work with. They may be smart, they may be well paid, they may be really nice but some of them are just … well I can’t describe it.

I’ve ranted about the elevator already … and the not washing of hands thing is gross. And there have been other things as well. I’ve never seen so many slobs in one place. Example: the hand washing thing. It’s a simple task that your mommy or daddy taught you from the time you could reach the sink. It’s not a hard thing to do either. Yet for some reason the people (the 80% I mentioned earlier) who do wash their hands make a huge frigging mess!! Today I saw water all over the 3 sink counter … it looked like someone bathed on the counter top. There was soooo much water it was dripping onto the floor. Now maybe it’s just me, but when I wash my hands the first thing I do is advance the paper dispenser 3 pushes on the lever, I turn on the water (to very warm, not hot and not cold), I then pump the dispenser to get soap on my hands, I wet my hands and lather up, rinse my hands, tear off the 3 push sheet use it to wrap the handle of the paper towel dispenser and get 5 more pushes, tear that off, dry my hands, turn off the water with the paper towels then dry off the counter. I then open the door with the paper towel in my hand, hold the door open with my foot and throw the paper towel away. Then I go back to my desk and hit the Purell hand sanitizer.

But I digress … why was I grossed out? While I was in the restroom, a co-worker, I’ll old icemakercall him “Dave” from another department was in, used the restroom, walked up to the sink, turned the water on, got out his comb, combed his hair, put his comb away, turned off the water and left the restroom. Notice I didn’t say he used the running water for anything. I came out of the restroom and went into the our convenience center to get fresh ice and water for my mug (4 – 16oz glasses a day at work). I saw Dave getting ice from our ice dispenser. The only way to get ice from the dispenser is to use the plastic scoop that is on a chain inside the ice bin. And then I thought about the other 20% and how many of them have used that ice scoop. And then I thought of the hotels/motels with similar ice bins and scoops, and the movie theaters and restaurants that have the same type of ice bin … and I got sick. I wanted to throw-up. Thought I could, but then where would it land? The ice bin? That would be less gross/not as gross/grosslesser? Makes me wonder if the reason my cough isn’t getting any better is because of people like “Dave”.

So I went downstairs to the first floor and got ice from anew ice maker dispenser that runs on a push lever system and ice drops into my cup, ice that is in no way touched by human hands. It’s not as convenient, but is more sanitary. I’m not sure when I became this person whi is hung up on cleanliness. It’s never bothered me before. I’ll be honest, I have no problem going to a public restroom in Wal-Mart. I follow the same practices above. However I do wipe down the seats if my business requires me to sit, but even that isn’t bad. I do carry a small bottle of Purell with me everywhere I go now. Thank goodness for Purell!!

AND for the new ice dispenser I found!


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