While the “cat’s” away … well, this “mouse” knows better!

WIFE is going away tomorrow morning. She’s going to a family reunion and is taking our girls. It’s just going to be me and the dog until late Sunday. Wooo Hooo!

Ok .. so it’s a family reunion and I’m not going. So? Don’t look at me like that! Look, I don’t know these people. WIFE really doesn’t either. My kids have no idea what they are in for. This reunion is from WIFE’s grandmother’s family (mom’s side of the family) and they all live down near Ashland, Ky. WIFE’s mom and aunts are going, WIFE and my girls are going, Trish’s (WIFE’s aunt) oldest son is going with his wife and kids. All in all they are expecting 120 people. Did I mention my father-in-law is staying home? Yep! Neither one of us wants to go. We don’t understand why everyone else is going either. The last reunion was 20 years ago (yes, I went to that one … c’mon we were dating and I’d have done anything for WIFE then) and it was either such a failure everyone forgot how bad it was …. or …. it was such a success they felt they could wait 20 years until the next one. Either way I’m not going. My excuse was I didn’t want to kennel Shadow for 2 days.

So like I said, this mouse knows better. I’m helping F-I-L with his brakes on Saturday. That’s 30 minutes. I’m cutting grass today since it is supposed to be in the 90s on Saturday. So really, I’m gonna have a ton of free time! Yet … most likely I will be working on landscaping or some other lame household project. The garage needs to be cleaned. I could make a whole list of things but I’m not going to. I hate looking at lists! They make me feel like I have more things to do than I can possibly get done in the time I have to do them in. Maybe I’ll just float in the pool all day …

ac1.jpgI got home today and the A/C was on. We turned it on yesterday. And it felt good. It’s kept the house cool. But it felt “sticky” and the A/C seemed to run longer than I thought it should. I shut off the A/C and went out to the compressor and started hosing the unit out. No go .. it was caked with old grass and dried up mudd. I the the cordless drill out and took the housing apart. Yep! It was a <b>mess</b>! I got a scrub brush and the hose nozzle and went to work. It took about an hour to clean it all and get the housing back together. I went it, turned the air back on and in 30 minutes I could already tell the difference. Check one item off the list …

Well after I cleaned everything up and put away the tools I went to check the pool chemicals .. I really want to just float. I got the test strips and checked the balance. Looked good, however the water level looked low. I checked the liner throughly for holes and tears. There were none. When I opened the pool I replaced one patch that looked old and worn. I checked for leaks there. Nope .. got around to the pump and noticed the motor housing was wet. My pump hose fittings are leaking. It only leaks when the pump runs. But it is enough of a leak to drain the water. Ugh! Well I don’t have all the stuff I need to fix it here. I need to make a trip to Lowes now. Add two to the list …

Add to that cutting the grass .. add a third item .. maybe I need to just go get some dinner and take a nap and everything will get better ………..


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