Father’s day …..

aus.gifYesterday I worked on F-I-L’s brakes. I showed him how to replace the pads on his front brakes. Ford was going to charge him $160 to do the same job. It took us 40 minutes and $25 in parts. Savings – $135.

After that I did a few little things here and there around the yard but it was so humid. Came in and took a nap with Shadow. Didn’t really do much of anything. Got up and played fetch with Shadow. She LOVES chasing the ball. Sometimes she is fast enough to catch the throw on 1 bounce. We came in and fixed some dinner, hamburgers and spanish rice with corn. We laid on the couch and watched some TV then went to bed. Slept great! No noise maker (WIFE has to sleep with one) to wake me up. I like complete silence to sleep. No TV, radio, noise maker … nothing.

Went to the flea market this morning. Not really for anything special. I ended up buying WIFE two pair of imitation Oakley sunglasses for $15. She looses a pair on every vacation. She lost a pair on the cruise back in April. bra.gifI’m pressing for no vacation this summer (I really cannot afford it). WIFE said she’d save up for it. I told her to put aside $250 from the next 4 paychecks. I don’t think she can do it. I told her flat out, I have nothing in the budget for it. We’ll see what happens.Well, I need to get back to watching Australia and Brazil in the World Cup .. GO AUSTRALIA!!


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