Wow … withdrawl symptoms!

We got hit with a short but *powerful* thunderstom yesterday. The winds were soooo strong the rain was blowing side-ways from north to south! I know, odd direction for wind, but the cold front coming in was responsible for that. Storm hit around 5:30pm. We had just finished dinner and I realized my car windows were cracked open as the storm hit. I ran out and found that the straight-line rain soaked the inside of the car! EVERYTHING was wet. Back into the house for a couple towel and dried it the best I could. Got back in to find the cable was out (which means the internet was out). We have life-line cable and Dish Network for our TV. WIFE’s grandma calls to tell me she lost a tree to the wind and it’s blocking the street and side walk. I told her that as soon as the storm broke I’d look at it. By 6:15 WIFE was headed to the mall with her mom, my girls and her other grandma. And I was cutting up the tree. Worked on that until 8:30. I got all of it cut up to load on a trailer and haul away, but never made it that far. It started raining again, and grandma told me to get out of the rain. “You should not be in the rain with that cough! Get in here and take a break. I put towels down on the patio furniture so you won’t get it dirty.” I took my manditory break long enough to let the chainsaw cool off. I loaded everything up and went home, cleaned the saw, sharpened the chain, I was thinking “There was no telling how much more work there would be to do tomorrow.” More storms were expected later.

So I finished the saw and put it way. About that time WIFE gets home. She wanted to show her mom DAUGHTER-2’s room. She started “the clean out”. She made pretty good progress too. She “cleaned out” DAUGHTER-1’s room on Monday and Tuesday. I think she’s in the mood and has the momentum now. If I can find the pack-rat gene I would remove it from all of my family, wife, kids and me! I have college text books still in moving boxes … there’s crap I moved to the house 18 years ago that I’ve never unpacked. Do I really need it? I’m thinking of selling it all on eBay. Maybe I can make a part-time income from it.

Ok ok ok … the withdrawl part. Internet! I never realized how much I rely in the internet. Everything from email, to sports, news, entertainment, and now blogging … And I have to say by bed time I was “jonesing”. I needed a fix. I was looking for a dial-up modem to use that’s how bad it was. That meant a trip to the pack-rat garage. I looked for about 30 minutes with no luck, then I remembered … I threw away a box without looking in it. And it had all the things in it that I thought I’d never need again. Including my modems. Back into the house I went and sat wondering what was going on in my world … going through withdrawl.



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2 responses to “Wow … withdrawl symptoms!

  1. I’d love to have a good storm here. They always seem to go every direction but our direction.
    A little while ago there was some storms north of here but they broke apart and fizzled out before they got here.
    I don’t recall when I became so abnormally addicted to storms. When I was a kid I was scared to death of them.
    I used to be addicted to the internet. I still spend most of my time on here but I don’t feel like I need it to survive anymore…LOL. Though it would be boring around here without having it.

  2. I got hooked on watching them roll in when I was 14. I was locked out of my parents house, no one was home. I HAD to sit outside and wait out a storm on the back porch. I had to press up against the wall to keep from getting wet. What hooked me was the lightning! I saw it hit in the neighbor’s yard and could feel and smell that electricity. It pulled me out from under the overhang and from there on I lost my “fear” and it was replace with awe. I was into it. That whole storm feeling. I’ve learned that whole leading edge dictates what the storm will be like. Now when a storm is approaching I like to be outside when that leading edge hits. Sometimes I just hang out on our deck and feel it wash over us. Dangerous and goofy, but 26 years later I’m still loving it!

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