Weekends mean 2 working days til Monday w/sex mixed in.

Granted the work is centered on me and the house and the girls (includes WIFE and Shadow).

Example: WIFE got home yesterday and we had dinner. After we cleaned up from dinner (I love home cooked meals if if they are just ham and cheese samiches with tater chips) WIFE unpacks the bags from her shopping trip. In the mix is a double sized back of Nestle Morsels. I know what’s next. Making chocolate chip cookiescookies. And EVERYONE in the family says I am the best cookie maker they know. Look, I just follow the recipe on the bag with a few modifications. I use all brown sugar (the darker the better) instead of brown and white, and no nuts. After the dough is mixed I cover it in plastic wrap and set it in the fridge until the oven heats. I want the dough cold on the pan so they don’t “run” but stay mounded up. The only other thing I do is use an ice-cream scoop to dish the dough. It makes a 3-4″ cookie. One of my cookies is like 3 normal ones. I get about 18 to 20 cookies per batch. Like I said, it’s no mystery. That is how I have always made them.

Since it’s been raining for 3 days the lawn is almost knee deep (well if you were a 2 foot tall midget with shorter than average midget legs it would be knee deep). It’s cut grassgrowning really well. And if we keep having all the rain we have been getting I’m going to have to keep cutting. I really should not complain. The weather this spring has been the best I can remember in a long time. We usually go from snow to rain to 30 days then heat and humidity. Living in a valley, inside of another valley just makes it worse. If you have allergies this is not the place to live. Everything settles here.

And now I find out the guy whe was supposed to pick up the brush and wood from grandma’s yard has not yet shown up. Which means I cannot cut her side yard. I still have to take down rest of the tree but I was planning to do that later.

I’m an early riser. I’m up at 4:30 through the week and sleeping in means 6:30. Even on weekends. Last night, just like every other night, I went to bed at 10:30. This is late for me. 10:00 is the best time, but I never make it. It takes about 15 minutes from the time my head hits the pillow to fall asleep, unless WIFE is in bed too. Then the TV is on and her noisemaker is going. Or she wants to talk. She came to bed right after me and wanted to talk. Sooooooo being the really good husband I am, I rolled over and we talked. Well I listened, really I did, up to the point where she said something about something …. for some reason I was just really tired. Oh yeah I remember, it was about our sex life. She asked if I thought we had a good sex life. I said yes, on average 4 times a week is great! 8 times would be better, but 4 is way more than most married people get in. And the varied things we do really keep it interesting. It’s a great sex life! Ok, so I fell asleep. And now that I’m awake I’m wondering if she was going for number 5 last night and I was out of it. We still have tonight and our daughters always spend Saturday night with grammie and papaw, that means we have time and an empty house to do what we want. So number 5 will have to be tonight.


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