Wow! Sometimes I even surprise myself!

untitled_1_sm.jpgYou may know by now we have a pool. Nothing big, just an 18 foot round 4 foot deep above ground pool. We’ve had it for about 8 years. It’s been great! Well yesterday my brother-in-law calls and asks if he can bring his kids and wife over to swim. I said sure! My kids never use it, and I’m filtering it and balancing chemicals, someone should enjoy it! We had some storms last week the blew debris and leaves and dirt into the pool. We got the cover off and it was a little worse than I imagined. Lots-o-junk on the floor. I hooked up the auto vac and let it get to work, I got the pool brush and brushed down the sides and bottom and pushed it toward the auto vac. I was pretty proud! Less than an hour and the pool looked great! Steve and his family came over and swam with my girls for about an hour or 2. I was putting things away and noticed the ground was awfully wet behind the pool. VERY wet! TOO wet for normal pool use. That’s when I noticed sand … and that’s not good. I went up to the pool deck and could see 2 cuts in the floor of the liner. I went in, slipped on shorts, patched the cuts, inspected for more and found 2 more, dried off, grabbed the hose and refilled the 4 inches of water we lost. I then went to the storage shed where I keep the pool stuff and inspected my brush. It looks like it got dropped and bent/chipped the plastic on one edge into a razor sharp hook. My guess is that is what sliced the liner. Ok, so you are asking “What’s surprising about that?” Well, I didn’t get pissed off! I usually get pissed off at crap like that. I’ll even try to blame someone else, but it was like “ok, what are you going to do to deal with this one?!” and i said to myself “fix it and move on”. And I did. After I closed up the shed we hung out on the deck and visited for a bit then went to my in-laws for an impromptu cook-out. Got home played with Shadow a bit then put the cover on the pool. And I wondered, was it leaking? No bubbling water so I guess not. This morning Shadow and I checked and the pool had not lost any water over night and the ground was no longer mushy (yes I said mushy again). I think the patches are holding. I’ll ask WIFE to check during the day for mushy ground/lower water level.


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