I hate banks!

Free checking is never free no matter what they tell you.

Is it just me, or are there more and more fees to use a bank? Example: I go to my bank and want to deposit 2 checks and make a withdrawl. I was charged a $2 teller service fee. I complained. I was told to use the ATM. The ATM outside that branch was out of order. That’s why I came in. Now if I went to an ATM that is not owned by this bank but is part of the “Star Network of ATMs” I will be charged a fee. $2.00 by the owner of said ATM for the use of their ATM and $1.50 by my bank for using an ATM not owned by them. I also noticed a $5 fee showing up on my account the last few months for returning my cancelled checks. I pay most everything with my Visa check card so I hardly ever write a check. I had 1 check in the statement and it cost $5. Now there’s also a fee now to get a monthly statement $1.50 … I was told I can check my balance online and have my statements emailed to me for free. And don’t get me started on overdraft charges. Recently I had $375 in my checking account. I wrote 4 checks … one for $25, one for $71 one for $240 and one for $179 … I know that’s more than $375, but my bank is supposed to transfer funds from savings to checking to cover any check automagically. And they did, but they now charge $14 to do that per transaction. All 4 checks cleared the same day. They cleared them in the following order – $179, $25, $240, $71 …. had they cleared them $25, $71, $179 then $240 I would have only had one $14 fee … instead I got hit with 2 fees … All of these fees started showing up about 4 months ago. And it’s really pissing me off! So let’s see, my “totally free checking” cost me $2 for the teller, $7 in fees for 2 ATM transactions, $5 for my returned check (yes one check), $1.50 for the statement and $28 to transfer funds from my savings to my checking. Total fees: $43.50 … so much for free checking!

Does anyone have a bank they can recommend without all these stupid fees?


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  1. Alicia

    We have US Bank, they have the 5 star service guarantee. So when we come in to withdrawal because the atm is out of service instead of them telling me I owe them $2 for making a “counter” withdrawal. I complain that I had to come inside because the ATM doesn’t work! Then I get $5 put in my account for the inconvenience! (that is regardless of whether I haul the 4 kidlets in!)

    Mr. computerman, didn’t you know that Bank of America has made their shareholders rich by developing the program that picks your largest check first, so that they can charge all the fees! All the other banks followed suit – but I’m betting you bank at Key. They are the only ones I am aware of that charge for you to speak to a teller.

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