Relief ….

Jigglin' GeorgeI know … it looks funny, but it works. For me. It’s called a Jigglin’ George. I picked mine up last November in Gatlinburg, TN. They don’t make any actual claims of curing anything, but they do say it helps reduce symptoms, etc, blah, blah, blah. I don’t buy into all that stuff. I bought it because it helped relieve the pain my my lower back. The back and forth motion really did help. I use it at least once a week, especially when I’m on my feet alot. Is it worth the $279? For me yes. I’ve found other “chi exercisers” on ebay for $99 to $299. They are similar in function. They all make the same claims. I bought this one because the I knew the dealer and the warranty. I did end up having to use the warranty due to a faulty switch.  I called them up and they shipped me a replacement JG and told me to return the other one with the enclosed return UPS pre-paid label.

Here are some of the things these machines claim to address: “the benefits of aerobic exercise without stress or impact on the joints. Although passive aerobic exercise does not increase the heart rate or burn as many calories as true aerobic exercise, you can still enjoy many other remarkable aerobic benefits such as increased circulation, oxygenation of the blood, and movement of the lymph fluids, which can be beneficial to the immune system. The gentle lateral movement of the machine causes your body to move back and forth which, in turn, can promote loosening of the joints in the hips and spine, and relaxation of the muscles in the back.”

Oh … what does it do for me? My left leg is longer than my right. And sometimes by the end of the day my left hip/lower back is really sore. Before I got the Jigglin’ George it would take 2 or 3 days of minimal activity to relax my hip and lower back … I would never be pain free. Now I just use the JG and after a 15 minute session I’m feeling better. I usually use it right before bed time and sometimes when I wake up in the morning. And so far I am exercising with little to no pain. So yes, it does relax the muscles in my lower back.


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  2. Julie

    I have this too. Having probalems with the digestion. I go to the bathroom for a bowel movement every time I eat. Did you experience this?

  3. when i first started using it i felt the urge to go to the bathroom for a BM shortly after using it. the more i use it the less that happens. i also added a fiber supplement to my diet and it’s really helped to regulate things. there are some other things you can do to help control that. one is eat smaller meals more often. i would also recommend Pro-biotics Acidophilus.

  4. Julie

    Mine happens the more I use it. I wont even eat and feel the need to go. Kind of scary if your not used to it.

  5. hmm .. that is odd. i know it’s supposed to stimulate blood flow and other organs. it’s possible you may have a condition that needs to be looked at by a medical doctor. i know the JG has really helped to relieve my back pain. i think the motion could stimulate the digestive system and possibly cause you to have more frequent BMs. i would seriously look into adding a fiber supplement and if that doesn’t help get in touch with a holistic or medical doctor.

  6. Julie

    Thanks. It has improved since I havent been using the machine. I would like to get back to using it because it did help my back and help me sleep better.

  7. when did you use yours? i use mine either first thing in the morning or right before bed.

  8. hey! it’s been a while. have you gone back to using it?

  9. Julie

    Every now and then. I need to start up again becuase I havent been sleeping good and getting more headaches than usual.

  10. start out with just a minute session on a low setting and work back up to 15 minutes.

  11. Erin

    this is to anyone who wants to answer me I am interested in buying a JG and I want to know what you people can tell me about it and is it worth the money please answer me back thanks

    • June

      We bought ours 2 weeks again, and I was VERY relucant to get one, but my husband swore by it helping his knee while we were on a trip to Gatlinburg,TN. Brought it home and use it every night or at least every other night. This is WONDERFUL for restless leg syndrome, have not had to take anything before bed,just a little jiggle with my jiggling george. Well worth the money if you use it

      • June, That’s awesome! Keep using it! It does provide relief for many things. I was on summer vacation in Gatlinburg might be 4 or 5 years ago and used one in their store every day for a week. They didn’t mind. I came back in November of that year and used it every day. On my last day I bought one. I use mine a couple times a week. Especially after I exercise. Use it in good health!

      • sharon rooks

        I am considering buying a jigglin george and noted that you purchased one recently. Please let me know if it works the way they say it does? I have knee pain and cannot excerise, just wondering if the excerise part that the salesman in Branson told me about really works. I want your honest opionion.

      • the term “exerciser” refers to the effects the machine has. people with limited mobility most likely have poor circulation. using the jigglin george will give you the effects of having exercised. what that means is your circulation will improve. it won’t help burn calories. the effects are improved circulation. improving circulation helps you feel better. you feel better you will do more. the more you do the more weight you can lose.

    • Hi Erin!

      I’ve gotta tell ya the absolute truth what it does for my wife and me.

      NOTHING …. short of Fabulous!! This little machine is everything the dealers claim and probably more! By visiting my site, you can readily tell that I’m not the sort of person into a bunch of hype! No Way! So I tell ya.. since I’ve come home from Iraq a year 1/2 ago…. inbetween selling my DVDs and giving self-defense lessons, I do one of the most physically demanding jobs in the world when the heat index is high. The job?
      Tree Removal!! Tree topping and moving all the debris and trunk by hand is really tuff! Especially if you are over 50 like me! When I come home immediately after I shower… I lay down and use this machine for the 15 min. & sometimes more.
      It helps me recover like nothing else I’ve ever encountered! When I don’t do this… I usually wake up sometime during the night with severe leg cramps! As for my wife… she has messed up back and hips and when she doesn’t use it… her back and hips give her problems, and is up frequently at night. Now… when she does use it… she’s AOK. This machine is truly amazing. It is so simple.. yet chiropractors do similar things to their patients, and charge an arm & leg for it too!
      I do believe that it gently re-aligns the spine or whatever… because it sure works for us!

      May GOD Bless You and Yours,

      Glenn Tate

  12. Erin, I bought my JG in Gatlinburg. It has been worth the money. I use mine at least 5 times a week, especially after a long day on my feet or after I run with my dog. As with anything that makes medical claims, it isn’t the next cure-all. BUT it does help ease my lower back pain and it even helps loosen my shoulders up. I’ve alos noticed that my feet don’t feel as cold when I use it. So I guess it does stimulate circulation and that has to help. There are several different machines out there that do the same thing as a JG. The are called Chi Exercisers. You can pick one up on eBay for half the cost of the JG. The JG comes with a rock solid warranty and that is what sold me.

  13. Jane priest

    Are you the store that sells copper and magnetic bracelets for arthritis? I bought one at a store visiting last summer and need another one for a friend and cannot remember which store I purchased it.

  14. I am not a store. But if you are asking, Jigglin’ George’s in Gatlinburg, TN does sell them.

  15. JB

    This is to answer any questions or for people who might wonder about frequent BM’s following the use of the machine. It does aide in digestion, which is not a bad thing. You should have BM’s following every meal…this IS healthy digestion. Adding a fiber supplement is only going to make you go more frequently. If she is going frequently and it is not diarrhea then this very well could be normal for her. The aide of the machine just jump started what was there and very soon she would have been normal again. PLEASE do not stop using this because of frequent BM’s!

  16. JB – thanks for the input. I wondered if you would end up finding my blog. You won’t beleive the changes in my since I saw you in November. How’s the remodel going? Julie, I agree whole heartedly with JB! Don’t stop. As I said earlier it jumpstarted things for me but I’ve regulated … if that makes sense. The fiber supplement was added to make up for the lack of fiber in my diet. Since I wrote this my diet has changed and I don’t use the fiber as much. There are so many benefits to using the JG. The improved digestion is one. I’ve not had to visit a chiropractor since buying it. Since buying it and using it (that’s the key … you have to use it) my exercise routine is rewarded with a session on the JG before bed time. It really helps me unwind and relax.

  17. I know this is an old post, but I was Googling the Jigglin’ George and found it. I’m glad to read a third-party review that’s positive. We vacationed in Gatlinburg 2 weeks ago and tried out the JG. Hubby has juvenile diabetes, so anything that aids circulation is worth the money for us. We were just curious to see others’ reactions to it beyond what the reps in the store had to say. I think we’ll definitely be getting one in the near future. Though it is pricy, I believe it will be worth it in the end, especially if it can lower his basal blood sugar level.

  18. Brandi, it’s worth the money! If he uses it daily he’ll see improvement. My wife’s grandmother uses mine and always feels much better afterwards.

  19. gail

    tried the jg in helen,ga. this past monday. I have fibromyalgia and am in pain most of the time. It did make me feel better , but was on the jg for only 7 minutes. If anyone that has fibromyalgia and uses the jg please let me know how it works for you.

  20. Gail, My dad’s girlfriend has fibromyalgia and she’s used my JG. She’s since bought a different Chi Exerciser and has been using it almost daily. She’s found that the movement really seems to help five relief. She said it had something to do with stimulating the lymph systems .. does that make sense?

  21. which chi exerciser did your dad’s girlfriend buy? no, I don’t know what the lymph system has to do with it, but i will check it out.


  22. It’s called The Exerciser 2000 Deluxe. She bought it on eBay.

  23. Janet

    We were in Gatlinburg, TN two weeks ago and bought the JG. I have fibromyalgia and neuropathy, not to mention dizziness from Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo and to top it off vertibies that are fusing in my neck. We bought the JG to see what it would do. I much agree, “There’s a warm tingling sensation almost everywhere in my body. I’m told that’s the oxygenated blood flowing… I hate for the feeling to leave and I feel rather relaxed and not wanting to rush things.” I have stopped using it since I had a bout of diarrhea immediately followed by constipation. I can’t wait to get back on it, but I am waiting for my system to restore itself. Hopefully, this won’t happen again. Can it cause irritable bowel syndrom?

  24. Janet, Don’t stop using it! It’s helping to get everything moving and flowing as it should. The symptoms will clear up after your body gets used to the workout it’s getting. I would try to use it as much as you can. I’m glad to hear you are having success with your JG as well! I’ve heard so many positive things. If you have questions or concerns call the store and ask. I’m sure John or Jackie would be more than happy to address them for you.

    Best Wishes!

  25. Jules

    You are right about not stopping. I bought the JG in Gatlinburg, TN and did have some digestive issues. I have IBS and have managed to avoid any major attacks for several yrs but when I first started using the JG I started to have problems initially and now I am so unbelievably regular. I have always had to use medications to keep my system working within reason. Now I do not rely on drugs to get my system working.

    My husband and I purchased it because it improved our joint pain immediately after trying it. I didn’t realize all the other benefits. I also have type 2 diabetes and my level has dropped on average of 20pts. It was the best investment we could have made into the maintenance of our health.

  26. Jules, That’s awesome!! Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m getting ready to go to Gatlinburg in a few weeks. I always stop by th JG shop just to jiggle. I use mine at least 5 times a week. I don’t know what I’d do with out it. It had been instrumental in helping me lose weight. The biggest benefit was the relief of hip and back pain. With losing 75 pounds I don’t have the aches and pains I used to have. Now I use it more as a maintenance to my health. A reward for a workout. 🙂

  27. Mike Rael

    Hi folks:)
    I haven’t tried the JG yet, but I certainly will. I love the idea of having some kind of exercise machine in the house, first off. While I like the Z-Coil shop in Torrance, California, it’s way too far from my apartment in Los Anglees:(
    I have diabetes type II. I’d *love* better blood sugar control. If I could lose up to 120 pounds or so, well, that would be a bonus!:) I don’t see why it helps with weight loss, though. The first thing I have used that is helping me that way is the herbal supplement called “Fastin.” It seems to lower appetite quite a bit without an attack of nerves. If the JG can intensify that effect, GREAT!
    My lady friend has hip pain. I figure that might help her that way.
    Anyways, we’ll both check it out this coming Tuesday.
    Wish us luck!!:)

  28. J-dubbs

    my wife just tried this machine and called me about it from Branson. I’m a millwright and former maintenance supervisor, electrician and welder and mechanic. I wonder why this machine costs so much? It doesn’t appear to be that complicated. I went to other sites to find a bargain but haven’t found one yet. It seems rather simple to me in the mechanical sense. Care to explain that, anyone?

  29. well j-dubbs .. there are cheaper options on eBay if price is the issue. just search for “chi exerciser” or “chi machine”. I can tell you from experience that they aren’t as well made and the manufacturers don’t stand behind the product. JG does. let me ask you this .. how much is a bottle of Advil or Aleve? $7 or $8? Let’s say you go through a bottle a month for a year to relieve pain. That’s $84 to $96 a year. let’s look at what you might spend on physical therapy or a massage to help loosen muscles and tension … $35 to $95 a session … that can add up to $1200 a year.

    yes the concept is simple. as a matter of fact you could just kneel at your wife’s feet, cradle them in your hands and perform the same motion for free. but can you do it at a constant speed for 15 minutes? the benefits from this type of motion/therapy have been documented to help with may different physical issues.

    let me ask this, if she bought it instead of purse or shoes or basket or whatever she might “collect” how would you feel? this is something you can use and benefit from as well. we (my wife and I) use ours almost every day. there might be a stretch of 3 days where i don’t need to use it.

    the relief it brings is worth the price. what price would you put on raising the quality of your life? have you tried the machine yourself? try it. go to the store and try it every day for a week. that’s what i did in Gatlinburg. i felt great after using it. i did that on two two different trips before i finally bought it. and i don’t regret the decision to this day. and yes i paid full price. no discounts. i know i’ve sold at least 12 machines because of this blog entry. and every time i go to Gatlinburg i stop in their store and use their machines and help sell one based on my experiences and testimony in the store.

    i am in no way affiliated with them. i am a customer who loves their product and will tell you it does what they say it does.

  30. Moi

    Hi there,

    Are you still using the jigglin’ george? i purchased a cheaper version a couple of years ago which broken after a couple of sessions, and am considering springing for the real one.


    • yep! still using it. as a matter of fact i’m in gatlinburg this week. john (owner of jigglin george) said to call and they can ship one out right away. it’s worth the money! they stand behind their product!

      • DeLane L Perez

        This is years later from this blog, I am curious if you are using the JG still 7 years later. I am a young 28 female diagnosed with RA and have had fibromyalgia. I like to be active and just hate aching all the time. I tried the JG in Hot Springs AK and not sure if I felt real benefits right away like others have mentions

      • Yes I am! I’ve not had to have any repairs to the JG either in all this time. Yes I still feel the benefits of using it as well!

  31. Carla

    I bought a jigglin george 3 weeks ago. I am very pleased with the relief it has given me. I have fibromyalgia and hurt everyday. My best friend , who is a massage therapist bought one also and is very pleased. Only problem is, I loaned it to my uncle with neuropathy and now I need to buy him one so I can get mine back!

    • Carla that is awesome! I’m glad you found something that helps. The cool thing is it’s all natural. You are not ingesting any chemicals to provide relief. Using the machine gets your blood flowing. It’s the increased flow of blood that is helping you. And yes, your uncle should get one as well. Call up the Jigglin George store in Gatlinburg and order from them. I think the charge to ship is $20 or $25 and you won’t have to pay any sales tax. Tell them you read about it on my blog. Anyone in the store can help you. John is the owner and loves to hear how it helps people out. Don’t hesitate to share your story!

  32. My sister and I just purchased a JG. She has been getting leg cramps after using and her tailbone hurts. What are we doing wrong? Are there some people this just doesn’t work for?

    Please help.

    • Anna, it may be that your sister is not using the JG correctly. I highly recommend using a comfortable mat to lie on. That should help with the sore tailbone. The leg cramps may be due to needing support under the knees. I recommend using a pillow under the knees. If these hints don’t help I’d recommend calling up the dealer you bought from. Or you can call John Belin at Jigglin George in Gatlinburg at 866-430-9411. Tell them I said to call.

  33. Tammy

    My husband and I were in Gatlinburg Nov. 2010, and I tried the JG out every day for 3 consecutive days. After the 3rd day, I was SOLD!!! I have fibromyalgia and, as a result, suffer from chronic pain and muscle stiffness. I use the JG 3-5 times a week. If I miss a few sessions, I can tell a big difference in my pain level. The JG is well worth the money when you think about the money saved in the long run on chiropractic visits and pain meds. I am a nurse and would recommend the JG to anyone suffering from chronic pain, circulatory problems, constipation, or muscle stiffness.

  34. Sue Wilson

    My husband had lower back surgery and neck surgery twice. Can you still use the JG even though you’ve had surgery. He is still in very much pain in his back, neck and shoulders. I have lower back pain due to one leg being shorter than the other which throws my body off and causes a lot of pain. This sounds like something I would really benefit from – as soon as I save up the money to purchase one. I have been in Gatlinburg many times and had never heard of the JG.

    • yes you can once the doctor clears your husband for normal activities. As for you, it will help. Your leg may not be much shorter than the other but any imbalance can cause pain. This product will help to get things back in line and restore circulation.

  35. pamela linden

    i found my JG at a junk store no ideal what it was but boy has it become my best stress booster and pain reilver cant tell you how glad iam i bought it what a treat

  36. Matt

    I am in Branson for first time. by chance saw JG machine at Croc store and tried treatment for 5 mins. My back has been “out” for 2 weeks. I’ve had several LBack surgeries. The relief I got is totally amazing, just shy of a miracle. For real. I am going back for one more tx and I may buy one. Stay tuned

  37. kymouthymom

    Just returned home from Gatlinburg, I went tothe JG looking for Z-coils, on the recommendation of the waitress at Pancake pantry, and left with a pair and a love of the JG, I went back just before driving home and was able to walk without pain from the 200 plus drive first time in forever, I will be purchasing the JG soon

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