A Paid Day To Play …

I’m tired and really wanted to sleep in today. Yesterday really took a lot out of me. Not sore. Just tired.Plenty of sun and fresh air mixed with walking all over the place really wears one out. The company I work for used to take all of their employees to a baseball game for the day. But there were people who PKI Main Streetcould care less about baseball and they’d never go to a game and complain there were no choices for them. So about 3 years ago the company offered everyone a choice, A Cincinnati Reds ball game, Tennis Tournament, Riverboat Cruise or a day at Paramount’s King’s Island. They are all one day events. I chose PKI. I picked it because it was something my family could do with me. I had my wife and girls meet me down there. We spent the day together riding rides and having fun. Not sure if anyone else from the company Italian Jobhad their family meet them there. It just made sense to me to spend the time with people I love spending time with. We had a great time. We rode The Italian Job first (the whole family loves this coaster), DAUGHTER-1 and I went to ride The Beast while WIFE and DAUGHTER-2 rode Shake Rattle and Roll. WIFE and I went to ride The Vortex by ourselves. The girls do not like goingThe Beast upside down. We then went to the Nickeloden area and rode the Avatar The Last Air Bender. By then it was 11:30, we grabbed lunch at the Festhaus, then hit Top Gun, The Racers, Scrambler, Zephyr and then back over to Runaway Reptar and Scooby’s Haunted Castle. By then it was 3:45 and I had to get back on the bus to ride back to work. If you aren’t on board at 4pm the bus leaves without you and you get in trouble for missing the bus. Something about liability and … blah blah blah … I had a great time with my family. We had great weather, $11 of our lunch was paid for by the company and we had little to no line for each ride. Timing is everything! We live close to the park and have season passes so we are always making day trips. If you have never been there I’d highly recommend it.


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  1. That sounds like tons of fun! The closest thing we have to that around here is Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. But even WOF sounds lame compared to that!

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