The white elefont …

A buddy of mine from work had a 43″ Hitachi Ultrascan HD TV.It had been setting in storage for over a year. He said that it had a slight color problem when he put it there, the red was shifted to the right and squiggly. He offered it to me for free. I played around with it and fixed the squiggly but the right shift is still there. It is  somewhat better but still not watch-able. This thing has been sitting in the livingroom since June 1. I’ve not been able to get any further in fixing the color shift issue. Since it was given to me, am I obligated to offer it back to him before I set it out to the curb?



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2 responses to “The white elefont …

  1. If it was me I would ask him if he wanted it back. If not, I would tell him it’s going to the curb. Shouldn’t matter to him since he gave it to you anyhow 🙂
    There are people around here who drive around all day looting other people’s trash. So if someone set an HDTV by the curb in these parts it would be gone instantly, even if it didn’t work. 😛

  2. yeah, that’s what I was thinking. i tried calling him yesterday but got no answer. monday is trash day so it’ll have to wait until next sunday to make the trip to the curb. that will give me a few days to reach him and let him decide.

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