Our village idiots

img_0036.jpgOk, so it’s only July 2nd and my sleepy little village had their 4th of July celebration last night. The village put on a really nice fireworks display this year. It used to be funded by the American Legion Hall. When they paid for it, the displays would rival any bigimg_0052.jpg town! But all that changed a few years ago. You see, our village used to be a “dry” one. If you wanted to buy beer you had to go 7 miles to the next town to buy it. The American Legion had an exception to that law. They used to serve alcohol at their functions, the private functions they hosted in their facility. But a few years ago our villiage idiots said no more. That year the Legion said ok .. no fireworks display and weimg_0054.jpg will tell the village why. And they did. A lot of people got pissed. But there are other places to go to see fireworks. This was the first in a string of many village idiot decisions. That same year they wanted to put an income tax of 1.5% into affect. It was voted down. It was something like 993 to 7 against. The 7 were the tribe of village idiots. Our village idiots said ok .. So that year they didn’t plow our streets. They said there was no money in the budget for it. That pissed even more people off. Well the owner of the local grocery store, Ellis Supervalu, hired some locals to plow the streets. And that made our village idiots look really bad. And they didn’t like it.

I stand corrected .. the American Legion footed the bill this year. I was told they paid $7000 for a 18 minute show. I knew it was too good for the villiage idiots to pull it off.


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