So much for a vacation day

I took today off from work. My wife volunteered me to help my father-in-law tile his bathroom floor today … ugh. Waiting for F-I-L to show up now. We need to run to Lowes or Home Depot to pick up the things he needs.

4:30pm – update

We got the tile done around 3pm. Not too bad. We made a supply run at 8am.tilesaw.gif Picked up everything we needed to get the tile put down. Remember, I am 20 minutes from anywhere. We didn’t get back to town until 10am. We picked up a tile saw from Harbor Freight. Talk about a place to get any tool you might need. Granted, they are not top notch tools, but I have this philosophy, every new job I do requires me to buy a new tool. 🙂 And more often than not each tool is a one-time use. Maybe twice but mostly one-time usage. So this is the perfect place to get that one-time use tool.

So like I was saying we got back at 10am got started by 10:30. Took a break for lunch. Got all the tile cut, pieced in and set in thinset … tomorrow we grout.


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