The way I spent my July 4th holiday

At the local (read that as 20 minutes away) Urgent Care. No one was hurt, burned, mangled or mutilated. It was a bladder infection. My wife has had it since the beginning of June and has not sought out treatment until yesterday. I was supposed to go grout the tile floor for my in-laws, but instead kept waiting for WIFE to say she was OK or needed to go to the Dr. Once the decision was made (3:30pm) we made the trip. I figured all the idiots blew their hands or fingers off over the weekend and there would be no one at the Urgent Care, WIFE figured it would be packed with the rest of the idiots who waited until the 4th to shoot things off. I said “C’mon, they are idiots! They can’t wait that long! It they can, they are the smart idiots! The ones we need to fear! They reproduce and breed more idiots!”

Well, I was close! We were in and out in an hour. Most of that was in the waiting room (2 people in front of us), a visit with a foreign doctor, a pee test and a confirmed bladder infection with a script for antibiotics. And a bill of $200. OUCH!! Not to mention some needless suffering on WIFE’s part.

img_0067.jpgWe made up for all that by dropping the script off at Walgreens, having dinner at KFC, getting a dozen, fresh, hot Krispy Kreme donuts! We got there just as the donuts were moving through the frier and heading to the icing fountain. We got the first 2 dozen (one for WIFE’s mom and dad). Came home, got ready for bed, watched a movie on the DVR and went to bed before 10pm. Awesome evening! I actually feel rested today!


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