I hate my pool

Not really, but right now I really loathe it. I think I mentioned how I was using the brush to clean the floor and walls 2 weeks ago. Apparently one of the kids knock the brush over and it hit the floor. It caused a little burr to form on the edge of the brush. I didn’t check the brush before using it and it sliced four 2 inch long cuts into the liner .. right where the bottom meets the walls. I patched it and it held for about 2 weeks. I got home yesterday and noticed the water level was low. I walked around the pool and the ground was soaked on the side where the cuts were. I got the swim suit on and the patch kit and went out to the pool. this time I cut a 5 inch patch and put the cement on it and went under to apply it. That’s when I noticed that there was a 4 inch depression under the cut. I lost a lot of sand. And the slice was now a hole 3 inches long and an inch wide. I stuck the patch on but could not get a good seal. I was ready to get the chainsaw and cut the deck down and take a sledge hammer to the pool walls. This has just been a very trying year and this just added to the frustration level.

I went in and called around to all the big local pool places. No one had the 18′ round liners in stock. They could order them. Anywhere from a week to three weeks to get it in. By then the pool season is almost over. What do ya do? On a lark I called the tiny hole in the wall shop I’ve seen once. And they had 2 in stock. A plain blue one and a patterned one. The plain blue was $89 and the patterned one was $189. Guess which one my wife wanted. Yeah, the patterned one. And if you recall from an earlier post that I pretty much do what she askes. We picked up the patterened one. They had a list of contractors who did the installs. We called one. He said $195 cash to do the install. That was $255 cheaper than what the big stores charge!!! I was going to do it myself, but the frustration is not worth it. I’ll pay the $195. I will be helping this installer so I know how to do it the next time. Then maybe I can do liner installs and charge the $195.



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3 responses to “I hate my pool

  1. You could solve a lot of problems if you’d just get a cow tank pool 😛 LOL! Just kidding!

  2. LOL … Yes I could! And I was about ready to when I shelled out the $203 (tax included) for the new *pretty* liner. And I’ll really think it’s a better deal when I have to pay the installer $195 … 😦

  3. Christine Soto

    I share your frustration with pool maintenance. You see in our family I’m the one who is responsible for everything to do with our pool since I was the one, not my husband, who wanted the pool in the first place. I didn’t take him serious when he said he would not have anything to do with the pool, or more accurately stated, that he would not touch the pool. Believe me he hasn’t. So I’m glad to know that there are some others who know what it’s like to struggle with a pool.

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