Pool liner has been replaced and tile grouted!

img_0090.jpgAnd it was a freaking chore and a half! I tried to repatch the big cut/tear with no success. I had lost quite a bit of sand under the wall. We decided to replace the liner. The liner was $203 with tax. I decided to have some one install it. That was $195. It’s a good thing I did. It would have taken me three times as long to do it, just bacause I had never done it before. The installer showed up at 9:30 yesterday morning. I had drained all but the last inch to two inches the night before. All 9000 gallons. I had take the caps of the columns and had the rail screws exposed. That was about an hour of my time. I had to “trim” some wood to get to the screws for the caps. My installer’s helper did not show. I was glad. It meant I was going to learn .. er help the installer. We had the old liner removed, the sand replaced, the coves redone and the liner stretched by 12:30. We pulled a vacuum on the liner and worked out ALL the wrinkles and had 2 inches of water by 1pm. We packed up the truck, I paid the installer and he gave me back $50 for my help. I still had to cut the holes for the skimmer and the return lines but that had to wait until we had 18 inches of water. On to my next chore …

My second chore for the day was to grout the tile in my in-law’s bathroom. I put the tile down last weekend but never finished because WIFE was sick. I got the tile grouted and finished by 3:30. I stuck around til 5pm to continue to wipe up the haze. We finished by 5:30 and made a trip to Lowes. I needed to get more Silicone sealer. I needed to put a bead of it around the skimmer and returns to prevent leaks. We picked up pizza from LaRosa’s and ate at the in-laws (I wanted to make sure the tile was haze free). Went home, cut the skimmer and return holes. Got the skimmer installed and the return line in place. Put all the caps back on the pool and rolled out the solar heater (not a solar blanket). The only way to recover the heat loss was with a heater. Did not hook it up, just letting the plastic relax. I’ll finish hooking it up today.



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3 responses to “Pool liner has been replaced and tile grouted!

  1. You’re a regular handyman aren’t ya 🙂
    Wish I was. I can barely even use a screwdriver 😛
    Is that your pool in the picture? I’d love to come take a dip in that thing!

  2. yeah, i am kinda handy. i think that’s why the wife keeps me around … 🙂

  3. oh yeah, that is our pool. if you are ever in the neighborhood drop by for a dip!

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