I just don’t get it …

You know what burns me up!? People (in this case I’m pointing a finger at teenagers/kids) who vandalize property. Now nothing has happened to me or my property. But my neighbor got hit by some vandals. He bought an above ground pool 3 or 4 years ago. It’s a bit bigger than ours (aren’t they always?). Our 18′ round is big enough to get in, float around, cool off and have fun in on a summer day. Besides that anything bigger would not fit on the property. Heck, I even had to cut down a tree to clear a spot big enough for the 18′ pool.

Oh yeah, back to the vandals … They cut the lines to and from his pool filter. He lost a bunch of water from his pool and his pump ran a few hours with no water … not a good thing. There was no damage to the pump, and new hoses are not too expensive, but when you add up the cost of replacing the water, the chemicals, the new hoses and his time to fix it, things add up! We’ve been lucky (I’m looking for wood to knock on) and only had grass clippings dumped in our pool, or mail boxes thrown into it, or large and small rocks thrown in, and several large clumps of dirt, but nothing that destroyed the pool itself. The worst “vandalize” I’ve had to experience is when my mailbox was hit by a car, and the kid actually stopped and gave his name and cell number. He just asked that I not call his parents. We needed a new mailbox anyway …

I just don’t understand it. I was raised to be respectful of other people and their property. One day these kids will own their own home and I hope they realize what they cost other people.


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