I am out of shape ……… still.

ntl2495-nlrg.jpgBack in January we bought a treadmill. DAUGHTER-1, WIFE and I were using just about every day. By April I had actually gotten to where I was running 4 miles in 50 minutes. I know that really doesn’t seem like much, but when I first started I was winded after 30 minutes of walking on a 2% incline at 3.5mph. By April I had worked that up to 5mph and a 5% incline. I was on track to hit 5 miles under an hour at 5% incline. I was doing great! We went on a cruise that first week in April. My sister and I walked the deck every morning at 6am. 3.5 laps equaled a mile. We’d go a full hour. There were 2 sets of stairs on the deck and our goal was to finish 4 miles in the hour. Adding the stairs was a killer! There were a couple mornings the sea was a bit choppy and we didn’t make the full 4 miles. What was really nice was after the walk/run we’d then spend time walking slow to cool down and talking. I really enjoyed the time with my sister. By 7:30 we would head back for our showers and breakfast with my wife, kids and in-laws at 9am.

While on that cruise I came down with bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection. I started coughing (a lot!) before we finished the cruise. I ended up not walking/running the last 2 days. As a matter of fact I just stopped walking/running altogether. I’m still coughing and hacking. I’ve been to the Doctor four times since May. I’ve been on antibiotics for the infection, 2 steroid shots and even taken reflux meds to try and eliminate everything. Nothing seems to work. Yesterday at 6pm I just decided I am no longer sick and will just ignore this cough. And until yesterday I had not really walked or run. I got back on the treadmill and I went 2.05 miles in 34 minutes. That includes the warm-up of 8 minutes and cool-down of 5 minutes. I really pushed myself. And I felt great. I was tired and sweaty. And I didn’t cough. I didn’t have any problems breathing either. About 7:30 I had a coughing spell but it only lasted 15 minutes.

After my walk/jog (not up to running yet) I got some dinner, drank some water, got a shower and sat down to read in my bible. Had my coughing spell. That’s when I noticed the dog was acting a bit spooked. It was raining rather hard but no thunder and lightning. I should not say spooked. With Shadow it’s more of a protective thing. She’s always barked at the thunder and tried to chase it down .. like “Hey! We don’t want that here!” She does that with loud cars and motorcycles that go up and down the street. She’s being the protector. I flipped on the TV and saw we were under a tornado warning. WIFE freaked a bit and took our girls downstairs and Shadow went with them. As soon as they were downstairs Shadow calmed down and got on the love-seat with DAUGHTER-2. I sat in the living room and watched the weather unfold. There were apparently tornados to the north and to the south east of us. It was a weird slow moving storm that was not typical for tornados. But nothing where we were.


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