Oh my aching back

I am on this quest to lose weight again and I’m not letting my cough get in the way. Day 2 of treadmill use transpired last night. I pushed just as hard as the previous night. Lots of sweat and hard breathing, but no other aches. I finished up and hit the shower. Got into bed. Read the Bible a bit. This morning my back isbw_shadow.jpg killing me. I got a HOT shower hoping it would loosen up my back. (I hate hot showers. The whole purpose of a shower is to get clean, wash off sweat and dirt … hot showers make you sweat … why get a shower?) The shower didn’t help. I got dressed and let the dog out. (She loves going outside but hates the rain. We’ve had 3 days of rain. Needless to say she’s not been wanting to go out much.) I made oatmeal (Shadow had a bowl too she loves it!) and finished getting ready.

Jigglin' GeorgeI was walking through the living room and that’s when I looked at my Jigglin’ George machine. And thought my aching back is why I bought it. I slipped my shoes off and laid down on the floor. Put my feet in the holder and turned on a 15 minute session. About 6 minutes into it I felt the tension in my back ease up. By the time I finished the 15 minutes my back was feeling 90% better and I felt good all over. This machine “jiggles” you with a gentle side to side motion like a fish swimming. And it feels like it realigns things. It also gets the blood flowing and moving. I’m not saying it’s a cure-all, but I didn’t have to down any Motrin or Tylenol for relief. I wrote about it once before and I cannot say enough about it. It really has improved my life. Now my wife doesn’t see the same benefits I do, but every once in a while she’ll set it up and use it. It’s really hard to describe how you feel after using it. But it’s something like this: When the George stops I wish it had not stopped. I lift my legs out of the holder and rest them on the floor next to the machine. I don’t really want to move. There’s a warm tingling sensation almost everywhere in my body. I’m told that’s the oxygenated blood flowing. As the tingling subsides I am ready to get up and move, but hate for the feeling to leave and I feel rather relaxed and not wanting to rush things. I got up, got my shoes and left for work. By the time I got in to work my back was not hurting at all.

Now if I could just find something to fix my aching wallet ….


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