The pool is heated!

img_0001.jpgLast weekend I replace the liner in my pool. We filled the pool from our garden hose. We started filling it around 1pm. I got up at 2am the following morning and shut off the hose. It was just to the bottom of the skimmer. I got up Sunday and turned the hose back on. It was filled a couple hours later. The water coming out of the hose was 58 degrees. I have 9000 gallons of water at 58 degrees. How the heck am I going to get that back up to an ideal swimming temp of 80 to 85 degrees? Use a solar heater and solar blanket.

Everyone who owns a pool knows what a solar blanket is and probably hates it as much as I do. Few have heard of a solar heater. Last year was a bad year for the pool. We really did not have enough direct sunlight to heat the pool. My wife complained and I went into action. I moved the earth’s normal trajectory around the sun to bring our village closer to the sun. That didn’t work. Superman pushed it back. I then bought a SunHeater solar heater for the pool at the end of the season last year on eBay. I was really skeptical. I paid $75 plus $20 for shipping. I never hooked it up. I was thinking of selling it actually. I decided to hook it up last Sunday. We’ve had rain 3 days this week so the solar heater has been no good on those days. Yet the 3 days we did getimg_0002.jpg sun the heater brought the pool temp up to 82 degrees. I think am supposed to mount it up to *something* and have it up off the ground, blah blah blah. But, I just rolled it out on the ground where I had 6 hours of continuous sunlight. Why 6 hours? That’s how long I run my fliter every day. I know, it looks tacky that way, but I was still skeptical. I wanted to give it a try before I did something more permanent. Well that view has changed. This heater is not an option anymore. With just 3 days of sunlight I gained 24 degrees. No solar blanket can do that!
The box for this solar heater says it will generate 80,000 BTUs and raise the pool temp by 10 degrees. Well it did! It brought the pool up to 82 degrees by yesterday evening and the kids were loving it! But now I’m a little worried. We are supposed to have 5 days of sun coming up. I think I’m going to have to get a diverter kit and bypass the heater. If I don’t I might be able to cook pasta in the pool by Thursday! 🙂

So, would I recommend it? Yep, if you don’t have plenty of sunlight to heat the pool, this solar heater does the job! We are thinking we might be able to keep the pool open until late September instead of closing it Labor Day weekend.


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