Mystery mail and busy weekends

im000428.jpgI got a mystery piece of mail. It’s not so much a mystery in terms of what it is, but the mystery is who sent it. It was a print out of a website. The site in the mail was CyberBOOKS. I have yet to be able to pull up the page referenced. In particular this print out dealt with Norwegian Fish Medicine Working Miracles on Humans. Something called beta glucan. It’s a fairly interesting article. But I’m not sure how to take it.

Was it a random mailing? I would have to say no. The outside of the mail was addressed by hand. And on the inside was a note written on the first page of the print out that says “******, Check this out! J”. So now I was more curious. Whoever sent it knew me. I got more into the mystery because it came from zip code 90052 which is Los Angeles, CA. Ok .. who do I know on the west coast .. in LA .. first name OR last name begins/ends/contains the letter J? If I do know them the name escapes me for the moment.

So how do I take this mailing? Does someone think I’m sick and need healing? Well if they have heard this persistant cough I’ve had, I’d say yes I need something. And I’ve mentioned it here and of course my co-workers have heard it. Could it be some other ailment I’ve mentioned in passing to others? I’ve been very careful to sanitize my online presence. My home address is not listed here or on any other site. I don’t think you can get my full name and address from anything tied to this site. Can you? I might have mentioned my village once, but I don’t think I ever mentioned my state.

Ok, so SOMEONE thinks I need help. I’ll admit it, I am frustrated with conventional western medicine. My cough is still here after 4 months … that’s long enough. I never really cared much about taking care of my health until a couple years ago after my annual physical. My doctor said I had high blood pressure and borderline cholesterol levels and my triglycerides were high. I reduced the caffine, sugar, removed some processed foods, blah blah blah and the BP came down, but the cholesterol and triglycerides were still high. I started exercising, mostly walking. We have a “Y” membership, I started going with the wife and kids and hit the treadmill there. And I started taking supplements along with my regular vitamins, I added fiber and something called Essential Omega-3 and something called Cholesta-Care, both are made by ProCaps Labs. Amazingly my cholesterol and triglycerides dropped.

So I do believe in supplements. But how am I to take this mailing? Do I trust the person who sent it? I would if I knew them, but the mystery of just signing it “J” is not very comforting. And sometimes just following an anonymous lead is the wrong thing. Especially when I cannot get to the website this mailing refers to. So .. J, if you are reading this, shoot me an email and we can chat about this.

The busy weekend part? I was so stinking busy this weekend I really didn’t get a chance to post. I’ve not really had a free weekend to just do nothing for about … oh … 2 months? What would I do if I had a free weekend? Probably work around the house. So that wouldn’t really be a free weekend would it? The best part about the weekend is Saturday night. The kids are always with my in-laws and WIFE and I have the night to ourselves. We can do whatever we want, but lately it’s been just a movie and popcorn at home rather early then off to bed <GRIN>.


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