Getting healthy

I have been on a mission. I want to get healthy. That’s a very broad statement. To narrow it down there are 3 things I want to address: weight, my respiratory system and digestive system.

What I’m Doing About It

Loosing weight: Hit the treadmill Every other day and go for 45 minutes. I’ve worked back up to 3 miles in 45 minutes at a 4% incline. Goal is 5 miles in an hour at a 5% incline. I’m also going back to the “Y” and following my workout program there. I met with a trainer and we came up with a program to tone up muscle on days I don’t do the treadmill. Removing unnecessary calories from my diet. Instead of drinking soda with a meal, drink water. Instead of chocolate frosted Entenmann’s Donuts I’m eating apples, bananas and other fresh fruits. No more pudding snacks, I’m doing yogurt instead. I love almonds, pecans and walnuts too! Daily vitamins and supplements.

Respiratory system: Treadmill – you know, after I do the treadmill I don’t cough or feel winded. About 2 minutes later I have a coughing spell but it’s pretty mild really. My worst part of the day is from 8am until noon while at work.
Digestive system: Sigh .. this is the hard one. Part of it falls under the loose weight section, but I’m doing other things as well. Fiber, I’m adding fiber to my diet. Both from the raw fruits and veggies, supplements and oatmeal (not the instant kind). Water with Apple Cider Vinegar. Yogurt is one of the key things here. A cup and a half per day of plain yogurt.

Smaller meals more often. I actually eat less. The worst thing you can do is “starve” yourself and then eat smaller meals … eat smaller meals more frequently. I eat 5 meals. Black coffee with my oatmeal. Water with ACV all day. Yogurt with fruit. Lunch (raw carrots and broccoli and other veggies are part of this meal). Yogurt with nuts. Dinner. I’m trying to cut out breads as well.
There are a few other things here and there; like eliminating all meds. No motrin, no benadryl no mucinex .. nothing. I want a clean system. I did this last summer. I felt great afterwards.That’s when I got into going to the “Y”. It’s a cycle I guess. The difference this time is I’ve had this cough and I’m tired of it. No mor taking health for granted.



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2 responses to “Getting healthy

  1. Alicia

    hmm, did you recently hit 40?

  2. yep! December last year.

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