Rude people

Rude people piss me off. And I think rudness is becoming an epidemic. I think people have become so self-absorbed that they forget they are a part of society. Example: I was on my way home from work yesterday and I’m cruising along at 50mph (speed limit was 45) down a country road. Nothing in sight in front of me and nothing behind me. I see an intersection with a car waiting to turn. Here’s my thought process: They have plenty of time to turn left across my lane and go back the way I came but they are staying put. Cool that means they are going to wait until I go by! WRONG!!!! The maroon (that’s what Bugs Bunny calls ’em) pulls out in front of me and is in no hurry to pick up the pace. I have to brake hard to avoid a rear-end collision. Where’s Dennis Haysbert with my rebate check of $100 for not plowing into this maroon? There was nothing behind me for miles!!! Literally miles! To top it off 1000 feet down the road he decides to turn off the road we are now “sharing” and has to slow things down even further. Do I have road-rage? Maybe a little, but this guy (yes it was a guy and not some old lady) is obviously a rude stupid person.

Another rude example: Let’s just say you own a pool. And you have a wife and kids. Let’s just say your wife has a brother who is married and has kids. Let’s say your brother-in-law shows up with his 3 kids and wife to swim in your pool. Let’s assume they didn’t call, they just showed up. Would that be rude? What if no one was home? Would they get in the pool anyway?

Anyone know where I can keep a pet alligator? 🙂


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  1. Linda

    AMEN! I have observed that the closer you are to a church, the more you see this pulling in front of a car behavior….

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