I lost again

I hate loosing!

But I love vacations!

Ok, it’s not so much loosing. It’s compromising. By the time I finish this post I’ll have convinced myself it was my idea to begin with.

We are now taking a summer vacation.

We took a cruise in April and we (meaning me) decided we (meaning me) cannot afford a summer vacation. Prior to the cruise we had funds to do it. So in March we discussed it, but we never really planned anything certain. But things added up on the cruise and by the end of June we (meaning me) decided there was just no way.

I should back up a bit here and explain a few things. About 5 years ago we planned a trip to Gatlinburg with my in-laws. My mother-in-law thought it would be nice to take her parents along. They were getting up there (about 76 and 77) and were starting to have health concerns. My mother-in-law thought this might be the last time they would be able to make that kind of a trip. Gatlinburg is about 5 hours from my house just pure driving no stops. With family in tow it’s 6 and 1/2 hours. So the concern is somewhat legit. That was 2001.

2002 same thing.

2003 the same thing.

2004 we went to Myrtle Beach with just my in-laws.

In May 2005 we were looking at going somewhere different when WIFE’s grandparents asked when we were going to Gatlinburg. First week in August ….

Well it’s 2006. We took the cruise. I blew the tax refund on upgrading WIFE’s diamond ring while in the Caribbean. We had nothing left over for a vacation. WIFE’s grandparents started asking in May again when we were going to Gatlinburg. WIFE and her mom could not bring themselves to tell them we weren’t going. And then my mother-in-law started the whole thing about their health and they are not getting around as well … I held firm we weren’t going and mailed the deposit to our hotel (you have to make reservations and pay by check/cash for the deposit).

By the middle of June I was certain we had no money to go. I talked it over with my father-in-law and he felt the same way. We just had the cruise in April and this summer vacation was out of reach financially (he bought my mother-in-law a couple rings while in the Caribbean). He mailed his deposit that week.

Then we got a great offer for a cruise next April. With going to Gatlinburg this summer we would have nothing for a deposit on the cruise next April. Now it was a choice my wife had to make. Gatlinburg with her family or a cruise in April with her mom and dad.

I was certain the Gatlinburg trip was off.

My in-laws really wanted us to take this cruise with them and bought our airfare to LA for the cruise in April. At this time we have the $250 per person deposit ($1000 total) and we were ready to cruise. In the meantime no one has spoken to grandma and grandpa about not going to Gatlinburg. Well about 2 weeks ago grandma and grandpa took the jar of change they fill up each year and took it to the bank and “cashed it in for money” to go to Gatlinburg. Boy my wife and mother-in-law have us in a tight spot now! We just plain and simple cannot afford a cruise in April and this upcoming trip to Gatlinburg. I told them I will tell grandma and grandpa. My mother-in-law cashed in some stocks she had and gave WIFE $500 to put to this upcoming trip to Gatlinburg and told my father-in-law he was going as well. This just might be the last trip they can make.

And since I already mailed the deposit in we should go. That’s what started it. Me making the deposit on our room. What’s 4 days/3 nights going to cost anyway? It can’t be that much! I’ll let you know when we get back.

Now I just have to make arrangements for Shadow.


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