Don’t believe everything you read

I have just returned from a mini vacation. We (my wife, kids, in-laws and wife’s grandparents) went to Gatlinburg for 3 nights. The ad for hotel we stayed in said they had free wi-fi access. It only worked if you were in their office or by the pool. I talked with the manager and he explained that the company they hired to do the install sent a rookie and he screwed it up. Hmmm. Next time I make reservations I should ask if they have it up and running for every room.

Every vacation we try to do something new. One time we did white-water rafting. Go-karting the following year. This year it was lazer-tag. Needless to say we had a blast! We’ve added go-karts to a regular thing to do. And now we will add lazer-tag. And there are the usual tourist trap things .. the Sky-Lift .. the hole in the wall shops with airbrush t-shirts .. hiking the national park ..

I forgot how much smoking is a part of life in Kentucky and Tennessee. Most places around home are smoke-free. You don’t have to ask for a non-smoking section. I missed that. There’s nothing worse than trying to eat your dinner and having to breathe someone else’s 2nd hand smoke. I think I only made my cough worse being around all the smokers. I actually have a sore throat and my cough is much worse.

We know where to eat as well. Most places serve meals that are big enough for two people. We were able to eat for a fair price. I would have to recommend Calhouns, Cherokee Grill, Smokey Mountain Brewery, Bennett’s, and the Pancake Pantry for breakfast. My wife, in-laws and my wife’s grandparents love The Applewood Farmhouse in Pigeon Forge. I have yet to get a good meal there.

My only complaint was the weather. It was 95 every day and 70 – 80% humidity. It was muggy. The only relief came when we got in the pool or went to our room or went to restaurants.

I am happy to be home, to sleep in my own bed and to have my dog home.

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