Saving Money

Is it just me, or has it gotten more expensive to live lately? Credit card companies have changed the rules on us Americans. We used to have to pay 2% of the balance. Granted it takes for ever to pay off a card at 2%. Especially when you have a 14% intrest rate. But 4%?? Ouch! That’s not bad if you don’t really carry a balance, but we do.

Add to that that gas prices have hit all time highs … we just returned from a road trip and we paid on average $3.05 per gallon for 89 octane gas. We got better gas milage and it saved us about $10 by using the higher grade fuel.

We just finished doing school supply shopping as well. $100 in supplies. That doesn’t include new clothes or shoes!

When did ground beef (ground round actually) hit $2.79 a pound?  Have you seen the cost of Nyquil lately? $5.72 for 4 ounces … that’s about … $180 a gallon!!!  A pound of Kraft Deli Slices (Deluxe American cheese) is $4. I bought a pound of ham at the deli and paid $6.79!! Heck my visit to Urgent Care went from a $25 flat fee to 20% co-pay … my trip Sunday cost me $33. And when did gas stations start charging 50 cents to get air in your tires?? I usually get a bagel and butter at work for 89 cents. Well they now charge for the butter … 5 cents per little packet … that works out to $32 a pound!!  For butter!!

I need a raise! Or at least some way to start saving money! Any suggestions?


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