I thought it was too good to be true.

ddn081106peters.gifWell, I thought maybe for sure I had had come up with a new thought yesterday. But I didn’t. Mike Peters, an editorial cartoonist had published this cartoon yesterday. I was ranting about Ol’ Bushwhacker at my in-law’s after my PC Coach’s Training session. Then my mother-in-law showed me that cartoon. Huh .. whadya know. Oh well. I bet hundreds of my other thoughts are unique! This one for example:

I think Bushwhacker has a “Mo Money” button in his office. It controls certain aspects of the weather. With the use of Contrails and HAARP ol’ George can heat up the atmosphere and generate a hurricane to wipe out oil supply lines and possibly wipe out a drilling platform in the gulf. He can use the button to make it colder or hotter depending on how much money he needs to raise. Wait a sec .. I read that somewhere. That’s not mine. Hmmm …


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