I’m a football widower

My wife loves the Bengals and football in general. Not the college or HS stuff. The NFL. But specifically the Bengals. Ask her anything you want to know about the last 18 years and she can tell you. Everything was a countdown to last night –  the first televised Bengals game since the playoffs last year. From now until the Superbowl I have lost my wife on Sundays and Mondays and any other days the NFL is on.

I’ve never really been a football (American football that is) fan. Baseball I can take it or leave it. Hockey is OK. NASCAR I cannot stand. Occasionally I’ll watch the Indy 500. Soccer? I coach my daughter. I watch the EPL (English Premier League) on FSC (Fox Soccer Channel), I’m trying to find a way to watch the SPL (Scottish Premier League). Directv offers the Setanta Sports package but I have Dish Network. I don’t want to switch. I really like Dish. As of right now they have no plans to offer the Setanta Sports package. TimeWarner Cable doesn’t offer it. Globecast World TV offers it. I think that’s the route I’m going to take. I can get a dish and receiver for $170. Then I just pay the fee for the Setanta Sports package of $11.99 a month. No other fees. Yes, I like to watch soccer. What’s the difference between my wife and I? Well I can walk away from a game at any time. I don’t care if I miss a game. I don’t religiously follow any team. OK, I have favorites. I like the Celtic FC, Chelsea, Rangers FC and Manchester United. But I can only follow the Celtics and Rangers by reading their websites and catching updates on FSC. Chelsea and ManU I can catch on FSC.

So .. I have the team I coach until the end of October to occupy my time. After that I guess I’ll have to find a TV somewhere to catch EPL and SPL games. Or perhaps something else to occupy my time. A coupon club? I can hang out with the football widows. Any football widows out there want to hook up on Sundays? … Hey wait a sec!!! I wonder if my bogus accounts on those two match maker websites are still there …. 🙂


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