Finally! A possible solution to this persistant cough.

I saw my pulmonary specialist yesterday. Pretty nice guy. We spent about 20 minutes taking about my cough. He asked when it started. Asked where I had been. Asked tons of questions. Then he asked me what I was diagnosed with in April. I told him a sinus infection and upper respiratory infection. Then he asked what I was diagnosed with at urgent care. I told him sinus/respiratory infection. He said there’s a link – changes in pressure preceded both events. These changes put pressure on my sinus cavities. His thoughts were I have a persistant sinus infection that has never really cleared up. He’s thinking that the infection has been there for a long time and that changes in pressure have been triggering events all along. We talked more about other things that might have triggered events. Huge changes in atmospheric pressure (high pressure system moves in and lower pressure moves out) trigger events as well. Sooooo .. the plan of action is this. Finish the Pseudovent, keep taking amoxicillin and add 20mg of prednisone per day for 1 week. I will be taking an antibiotic for 4 to 6 weeks to clear the infection. If that does not clear it there are other methods.

BTW: My 20 minute appointment was $246. that work out to almost $750 an hour … man am I in the wrong business!!



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2 responses to “Finally! A possible solution to this persistant cough.

  1. Alicia

    What kind of diagosis is that? Is he a meterologist or a pulmonologist? Just kidding! Glad to hear it isn’t serious! That predinsone will make you swell like a balloon, luckily you don’t have to take it long!
    You can’t outsource the physician jobs to India and China, so they get to charge those rates!

  2. Well a phone call last night around 7pm from him confirmed the sinus infection “theory”. Above and below my right eye, the sinuses (is that right?) are infected. He was going to call in my Amoxicillin refill and suggested that after the Pseudovent runs out that I get Afrin and use it for 2 to 3 days as directed then throw the bottle out. He thinks that by using the Afrin it will open things up and promote the “draining process”. And the Prednisone … it makes me really irritable.

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