It’s soccer season!

bp_logo2.gifspl.gifThe EPL gets started in 3 days, the SPL already has 3 games under their belt. And my daughter’s team is finishing their 2nd week of practice. Yes, I am the coach. And today I am regretting it. Not really, but I am sore. I ran drills with them yesterday. Not just showing them what to do, but actually ran through the drills. We even had a mini-scrimage.

I was so glad to get home afterwards. I just wanted to get in the pool and cool off. But shadow.jpgShadow had different plans. She wanted to play. So I grabbed her toys and we went outside. We played fetch for almost 30 minutes straight. I’m talking hard running!! Towards the end she was trotting then walking. I tossed the ball towards the side of the house and she walked over, picked it up, looked back at me and went to the front door and sat there waiting for me. She took her ball in, dropped it in the living room and got a drink (like 1/2 her bowl!) and then plopped down on top of the A/C vent in the floor in the living room. That was her way of giving me the OK to go get in the pool. And I did. And it felt sooooooo goooood!

I have to admit that I was worried my team would not be ready for their first game on the 26th, but after the scrimage last night, I think they are ready! I have 18 girls!! Thats a big team! What’s nice is I can rotate in 7 girls each quarter and have a fresh team each quarter! Well almost fresh. We play 11 at a time. I just need to strike a balance with who plays with who and when. It will all come together …


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