Do you know where your National Guard is??

If you aren’t telling your state’s governor to tell George to back off you should be!! Bushwhacker is trying to take control of YOUR National Guard in an emergency WITHOUT the consent of your governor through the National Defense Authorization Act!! This all came out of the hurricanes the Oil Mongers had hit in the south. That and the levees George had blown to create the largest natural disaster our country has seen to date. Expect more “natural” disasters as our government tries to take more of our freedoms. Bushwhacker wants to control every form of civil protection services he can. Our military is spread thin. The majority of active military is “deployed”. Our homeland is defenseless with the exception of the National Guard units. George can call up the Reserves … that’s why they were created! There is a big difference between the Reserves and the National Guard.

The National Guard units were formed out of the various colonial and state militias that served as a balance against a standing federal army, which many Americans feared would threaten states’ rights.  Besides the theoretical check on federal power, the distinction between the federal military reserves and the National Guard permits state governors to use their personnel to assist in disaster relief and to preserve law and order in times of crisis. The role of providing disaster relief in a state falls to a governor. If federal assistance is needed the governor can request it. George should not “ASSume” he can just take it. FEMA screwed up because of big government. And now he wants to screw up the only thing that stands between him and his dictatorship. YOUR National Guard.

Look, I’m proud to be an American. I think this is the greatest country in the world. We have our share of problems. Really we do! But having a president who has control over every facet of “homeland” defense is just wrong! Defense from natural disaster?


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