Brake job

BrakesFront brakes on the Grand Am are kinda funky … About 3 months ago I replaced the pads, the rotors and the right caliper. The piston on the caliper was seized .. closed. I did the work and everything worked great for about a month. Then the right caliper (the new one) seized again. I pulled everything apart and cleaned it. Lubed it. Put it all back together and it seemed to work fine. Well last Friday the front right brakes started making this awful noise the pads were completely worn and had scored the rotor. I pulled it all apart again today. New pads and a new rotor. Front left pads looked only about half used. I’ll watch the front right and check them for unusual wear. I’m thinking I may need to replace that frigging caliper again. I spent $39 today for a new rotor and pads. The old rotor is warped and not worth taking to be turned. I suspect that is the reason for the unusual wear.

Looks like I may need to replace the pads on the Honda as well. Rotor look great on it. I’m glad I learned to my own maintenance on my cars. New pads on the Honda were $29. Honda wanted $170 to replace the pads … only takes me 40 minutes start to finish. Savings – $140



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2 responses to “Brake job

  1. I wish I could work on our car. I know nothing about cars. IN fact, I know nothing about most things that my wife considers “man” things 😛

  2. I really learned out of necessity. I bought a Hanes manual for my first car and have bought one for each car there after. When I did the leaf springs on my 78 Camero it was out of commission for over a week. I rode my bike everywhere that week until I got it finished. My first brake job was 4 days. Oil changes I learned by 15 .. dad said I had to do them on the family car if I wanted to drive it. Any thing that is a “man thing” can be learned.

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