Oh bother …

eeyore_rain.jpgI still love the old Disney Winnie the Pooh specials. I identify with Eeyore (yes that is the proper spelling) the most. It seems like no matter how hard he tries things never seem to go his way, but the ultimate outcome is one he can live with. That’s me. I used to get really ticked off if things went awry. Now it’s handled with an “Oh bother”. There’s no point getting upset. 99.99999% of the time I had no influence on the ultimate outcome. Now I just accept it … it doesn’t help getting worked up. The only thing is serves is upsetting others around me. Just let it go … 🙂

Oh .. so what’s made me bring up the Eeyore thing? Nothing really. Just feeling like Eeyore today. My sinuses are “moving” so my head hurts. Not just my eyes or ears or teeth .. my whole head. Things are clearing up. And maybe this is the last push. I’ve probably blown out 1/2 a gallon of mucus over the last 2 weeks. Gross huh? Now just imagine it’s you!!


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  1. I should try to be more like Eeyore rather than Oscar The Grouch!

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