Weirder than weird

I couldn’t believe this when I read it ….

“A planned “National Muslim Fun Day” at England’s largest theme park has been canceled, Reuter’s reports. Planned by a UK group called Islamic Leisure, the event would have featured Muslim foods, rides segregated by sex, a strict dress code, prayer areas, and a total ban on music, gambling, and alcohol. The September 17th event (why not hold it on September 11th, I wonder?) was NOT canceled for security reasons because a group of Islamo-fascists in the UK very nearly executed a plan to bomb multiple U.S.-bound jetliners in early August, but due to lack of ticket sales. Needles to say, the cancellation comes as a great relief to the poor non-Muslim couple whose wedding had been planned in the park that same day – and who were told by the event’s organizers that the bride and female guests would have to wear burkas!”

Maybe the lack of sales was due to the tightend security and none of the members of Islamic Leisure could fly in to enjoy the day …. or maybe they didn’t fly because they knew of a possible bombing of U.S. bound planes …


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