Up late and completely exhausted

I think I mentioned it before. I love storms. As long as they aren’t tornado watches/warnings. We were under a tornado watch until 1am. I don’t sleep very well knowing there is bad weather afoot. It’s that father/husband/pack leader thing. My wife gets freaked, kids get scared and Shadow feels like she’s got to help … she tries to herd Radareveryone to the family room. Well I put her up around 10:45pm. I didn’t lock her cage door. (I never do when there is bad weather or if we are going to be gone for a while.) I just pushed it closed. She stayed in her cage until around 11:45. That’s when things were at their peak. She got out and crawled into bed between the wife and I. (I think that’s her way of saying she’s second in charge around here.) The storm lasted for about an hour. It wasn’t too bad. Lot-o lightening and thunder. And it rained hard! I didn’t think to grab a radar image until almost 1am. I fell asleep shortly after 1am. And now I’m awake again. I’m going to be one grouchy guy today. I have a PFT appointment at 10am. I think I’ll take rest of the day off after that and take a nap.

I need to go back to bed and rest ….. at least for the next hour and one half.



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2 responses to “Up late and completely exhausted

  1. ok .. i went back to bed around 3am … slept until almost 6am and was 20 minutes late for work … Oh bother!

  2. Give me a severe storm anyday! The worse the better.
    We had the worst storm of the year here about a week ago. It hit about 11 P.m. KNow where I was? I was standing out in the back yard right in the middle! It had been a while since I actually stood in a storm so I thought “What the heck!”
    I had to come back inside when the wind starting flinging the rain in my face at 60 MPH and tree branches were falling out of the trees. Oh and the lightning was getting a bit too close. It was awesome though!
    Storms always make me a little crazy. Or crazier 😛

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