I just don’t understand people …

Not sure if you have heard of the story on your local news or not, but about 2 weeks ago a marcusnew2.jpglittle boy, Marcus Fiesel, went “missing” after his mother had “blacked out” in a local park from a “heart condition”. Marcus had been with Liz & David Carroll in foster care for some time. He was only 3 yrs old, but developmentally he was around a 12 to 18 month old. Marcus was autistic and had special needs. He looked like a sweet young boy. Well, in case you have not heard, Marcus is dead. His foster parents killed him. His foster father burned the body and dumped the remains by the Ohio river.

Liz and David Carroll each are charged with:

False alarm, 1 count each, Inducing panic, 1 count each. Liz Carroll is also charged with perjury, two counts, for statements made in grand jury Monday. David was also charged with gross abuse of a corpse. These are added to 1 count each of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of endangering children.

The Carrolls Are To Be Charged With Murder – according to local prosecutors.

And the more you hear about this the less it makes sense. The Carrolls went to a family reunion. They did not take Marcus with them. Instead he was taped up, then wrapped up in a blanket, almost like a cocoon. They then placed him in a playpen inside a closet with a fan blowing on him. His hands were taped behind his back. There was no way for him to unwrap himself. The Carrolls left for 2 days. Did they expect him to be alive when they got home? Marcus had no food and no water & even if he did, there was no way to drink or eat. His hands were taped behind his back. This is just evil. You can read more about it here.

Like I said, I don’t understand people. I wouldn’t treat my dog that way let alone my children. I just don’t get it ….



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2 responses to “I just don’t understand people …

  1. That’s terrible. Some people are just evil 😦

  2. Lucas

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