Furniture shopping

I got up late this morning. Overslept. Rushed around and got off to work. Roads were wet and it was misting. I passed three accidents on my way in. Makes me wonder if I overslept for other reasons?

I was pulling in to work and realized .. I scheduled today to be a vacation day. DOH! I called up WIFE, told her I was on my way home. She had gotten DAUGHTER-1 delivered to school and was working on getting DAUGHTER-2 ready. I told her I had forgotten something and was coming home to get it, take it to breakfast and spend the day with it. She said she doubted I’d be able to get Shadow into any restaurant. I said no silly, it’s you I’m coming to get! She said she’d hurry and get ready to go. We got DAUGHTER-2 delivered to school and took off to Cracker Barrel.

After breakfast we got on the highway and went to Dicks Sporting Goods (don’t go to on the web!! it’s not what you think!!) to buy DAUGHTER-2 new shorts and scrunches. We then embarked on the furniture shopping trip …

After Dicks we went to Ashley Furniture and we looked at new couches and recliners. We found a few we liked. One in particular stood out. $1099 for a leather couch with 2 reclining seats. We then stopped off at La-Z-Boy. I found my dream chair there. $1299 for a recliner!! We looked at the couches too. And actually found one we really liked. $1599 – 10% = $1440. It comes with a Lifetime warranty. What does that mean? Our salesperson said most places it means 7 years. With La-Z-Boy it means Lifetime. To get a 7 year warranty on the Ashley couch it was going to cost $200. That’s a $140 difference. Oh yeah, Ashley uses vinyl for the backs and side of the couch … La-Z-Boy is ALL leather.

We looked at Value City furniture and found one couch that was really nice for $899. But no recliners built in. And it was all leather. It was really comfortable. But for some reason it just didn’t seem right.

We checked out Sofa Express as well and found a recliner and sofa we really liked but they were leather with vinyl sides and backs. And they wanted $1275 for the sofa and $905 for the recliner. The sofa had 2 recliner seats. It took just about all day to try out couches.

Ok .. I’m couched out. I don’t even know what to do. I’m more confused than ever. Anyone have experiences with any of these companies?


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