Sofa search success?

Not yet. We ruled out La-Z-Boy. None of the sofas were comfortable to me. The were .. small .. they didn’t fit. And if I’m going to drop $1700 on a sofa it should fit.

We looked again at Ashley and Value City Furniture. At Ashley they have a sofa that has 2 recliner seats that fit. They also have a matching recliner. Recliner and sofa are $1700. If we can hold off until the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday in the retail world) we can take advantage of their early bird (7am) special discount of 20%. That would save us $340 on the 2 pieces. The seating surfaces and arms are top grain leather and the back and sides are vinyl. We can make them leather for an additional 40%

Sofa 1I guess I should give some background on the reason for our search. That tear is the last straw. First off this was a garage sale couch. We’ve never owned a “new” couch. We got this at a garage sale 5 years ago. We steam cleaned it and have been using it ever since. Problem number one – we got aShadow dog. She sheds. Hair sticks to this couch like crazy! It has tons of static electricity. We have to brush the couch every week to de-hair it. I know, keep the dog off it and you won’t have the hair problem. Sorry, she’s part of the family. Do you think when she dies and goes to doggy heaven they are going to keep her off the couches there? No. Problem number two – there’s no telling how old this couch is. There are no tags. Where are the tag police when you need them? I’ve rebuilt the legs and the frame where they attach. The springs sag where the kids used to jump from the sofa to the love seat. Yeah I know .. but we live in our house and enjoy our stuff. And if it makes them happy and they have a fond memory of it .. it’s ok by me. I’ve tried to stitch the tear but it is a bad spot. It’s the front edge of the left cushion. can’t flip it or swap it with the Sofa 2right cushion. Shadow (see picture of dog above) was a bit of a handful when she was a pup. She chewed a hole in the right cushion. The hole is on the back side and you can’t see it except in this picture. I guess this all started when we got a dog. But I will never admit it. We want the leather for ease of care. Just wipe it down with a micro-fiber cloth to pick up dirt and hair. Treat it twice a year to protect it. Shadow is not a chewer any more so we won’t have problems like pictured above. And she now has a new grooming routine to combat the hair!

OK .. back to the sofa thing. Value City has a really nice sofa, chair and ottoman for $1750. 100% leather. The seating surfaces and arms are top grain leather. The sides and back are split leather. I love how the sofa lets you sink down into it and it cradles you. The chair and ottoman are a perfect fit for me as well. The only thing I need to do is go back and take a nap on it. I kinda did that at Ashley. Closed my eyes and rested. And I fit. I need to check that at Value City, will it fit me if I slept on it ..

So right now it’s a toss-up between Ashley and Value City. The VC stuff is all leather. That’s a huge plus. The Ashley stuff is not. The Ashley stuff has recliners built in to the sofa and the matching chair is a recliner. That’s a big plus. The VC stuff has been a top seller for at least 3 years (a buddy of mine has been looking at it for that long). The Ashley stuff has been around for only 2 months. If we can hold off til Black Friday we will save at Ashley .. not sure about VC.

Wish me luck!



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2 responses to “Sofa search success?

  1. Alicia

    Check another Ashley furniture. They’re independently owned! I found a set I liked in black leather in Cincy and drove to Dayton see if they had better deals. Same set was $200 higher in Dayton. (Niether place seemed willing to “negoatiate.”) Or look for one of my husband’s favorite deals “hey, 90 days same as cash, let’s do it!” BTW, I’ve been told that Ashley is a step-up in quality from VC. Honestly, who cares if the backs and sides aren’t leather. Unless it is in the center of the room, who’s gonna notice? You could always invest in some duct tape, that should hold you til Nov!

  2. LOL! Duct tape … that’s a guy answer! Yeah vinyl will last. BUT! You never know when you might want to put the sofa in the middle of the room.

    We are now committed to finding a sofa. I caught the trash guy yesterday and asked if he could take a sofa and he said yes as long as it wasn’t a sleeper or recliner type. I ran back in the house and dragged the old one to the trash truck. It was cool watching that sofa get crushed by the truck!

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