I found the perfect gift

WIFE turns 40 this year. I’m trying to plan out her party and pick out a gift. I think I found it. But I need to figure out whichdiamond_diva.jpg sofa we are going to buy. If we wait until November I can get the recliner sofa from Ashley for $879. If we need to get it right away we need to decide if we should spend the $1099 for the Ashley or the $899 for the VC sofa. I think we can hold out til November. But if not .. we’ll be getting the VC sofa. So either way we save $200. And the $200 can go toward WIFE’s birthday gift. Not that it’ll make that big of a dent in the price I pay, but every penny helps! I’m thinking of this ring except in 14K yellow gold. Don’t tell her. It’s a surprise! I’m ordering her cake from Taste of Elegance. They have the best cakes in town. They use a butter-cream icing! It melts in your mouth. I’m not much of a cake and ice cream person, but I will not pass up on a Taste of Elegance cake!



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3 responses to “I found the perfect gift

  1. I bought the ring. We decided to wait til November for the sofa. And no, she doesn’t know about it.

  2. If she reads your blog she’ll know.. heh heh 😛
    Looks like an excellent ring though 🙂

  3. She doesn’t read it. She hardly ever reads her email either. She’s not much of an internet girl.

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