New toys

I bought a new camera … again. I picked it up Sunday. Back in June I bought a Canon Powershot S2. I love it, but I missed my Canon G3. The Canon G3 was by far the best digital camera I had owned. The S2 is fast, has image stabilization (IS) and was very easy to use. But it lacked something. It didn’t have the “feel” of the G3. The G3 felt like a camera (by that I mean it felt like my film cameras). It offered excellent control over exposure settings. I get those controls with the S2, but the lens on the G3 was better. Zoom is not everything. Speed is not everything. IS is not everything. The G3 had a fast (f/2.0) lens. It felt comfortable. It felt like a camera.

OK, I got sidetracked on the G3 … I bought the NEW Canon Rebel XTi. It’s the newest Digital Rebel camera in the EOS line. I love it. I can use my lenses from my Elan 7e. Even my Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM lens works. I’ve been playing with it and have not really produced anything I judge worthy of public viewing. They are all test shots. I am learning the idiosyncrasies of the camera. It’s very much like my Elan 7e. I should have it figured out by this weekend!
frontview-001.jpgI was going to buy a friend’s Canon Rebel XT. It came with 2 lenses (already have the ranges they cover) a 2gb compact flash card, some filters, a nice bag and some other stuff for $850. The Canon XTi was at Circuit City and was not even in the online store. The sales guy said it was $855 and came with a lens. No bag, no filters, one lens and no memory. It was worth the extra money spent on sales tax … it cost me $914 after tax. I had CF memory from the G3 and will be able to use it in this camera. I already have a nice bag … and I have the lenses I need. I got a better camera with a warranty for $64 more than the used Rebel XT. Don’t get me wrong, the XT is a nice camera. But the XTi is nicer! 🙂



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2 responses to “New toys

  1. My wife and I would love to have a decent digital camera. We always end up buying crappy ones though.
    Sounds like the one you have is NIIIICE 😀

  2. Thanks!! I started out with a Kodak dc215 then a Gateway DV thing that stunk. The next camera was the Canon G3 and I loved it. We bought my in-laws a HP M407 that was a piece of crap. I traded my G3 for the HP and bought the Canon S2. The S2 is really sweet. I didn’t need to go get the Rebel XTi. But I have been eyeing a digital SLR for about 2 years and Julie said it was ok. I got a sweet deal on it.

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