Do you think?

When was the last time you had a truly original thought. Think about it. I’ll bet you can’t think of one. I’ve been trying to run through my thoughts and ramblings and have discovered I have not had a truly original thought in months! That scares me! It should scare you too. We are being programmed to the extent of not having to think for ourselves. I blame myself for not thinking. I have been watching too much television lately. It makes me dumber. I have not been reading as much. We are so easily conditioned to not think for ourselves. And our children are getting hit from the schools as well as television. I’m about ready to unplug the “idiot box”. By watching some of the programming we watch we are being conditioned to accept more and more of the agendas being crammed down our throats .

What bothers me the most is how badly Hollywood depicts marriages. I saw a new show last night (‘Til Death) that was funny, but then I started thinking about the messages it sends to people. I don’t recall the ending because I got up and left the room. I thought about how husbands and wives were portrayed. There was a contrast between a couple who has been married for several years (kids grown and gone) and a nwly wed couple. They were so stereotypical that they didn’t fit the stereotype any more. They took it too far. The line that stuck with me was something like this: “Marriage is staying together so you have someone to drive you to the hospital for your operations.” Marriage is far more than that. It also bothers me how Hollywood depicts husbands/fathers. They are either completely absent from the family, there are more than one father in the mix playing against each other, they are clueless about what’s happening in the family or are cheating lying good for nuthins.

When was the last time you saw a show that showed a “normal” family going through “normal” everyday life? Name one!

This rant can go on for hours about how we are a society that has been dumbed-down. We are willing to accept things without thinking about them. We accept things like our President wire-tapping American citizens without getting a warrant. We are accepting things like the high price of gasoline without questioning the reason for it being so high. The cost per barrel of oil has not come down by 30% yet gas over the last week has. Why? George Bush and his cronies are bidding for re-election. There are 33 open seats in the house this fall. The Dems only need to win 17 to get control. And the NeoCons are scared. And they should be. They have had a free ride to rape and pillage our country and spend us into oblivion. When will it stop? You think it’ll stop if we put Dems in the office? It won’t. It doesn’t matter which party you put in the offices of this nation. They are all controlled by big money. The bigger the war-chest the better the pre-election fights. And the ones who have the real money, the ones unseen by you and me and the press, will win the election. And their puppet is the one who sits on the throne of what used to be the greatest nation on the earth. We accept things like “Guns Kill People” and “Bird Flu – The Next Pandemic”. The neocons rule by fear. Fear of high gas prices, fear of epidemics, fear of terrorism, fear of 3rd world countries and fear of religion.

I’m sorry, but there is a bunch of stuff I see and question … and think about … do you think about these things?


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