I was actually looking forward to Monday

I was a long weekend. I cut grass on Thursday so I wouldn’t have to worry about it over the weekend. Wrong. All that rain we had, the sunshine and the Chem-Lawn folks stopping by changed that. By Sunday I needed to cut again. I didn’t get to it. It all started with Friday …

I was a little late getting to work Friday. Friday was the day that I scheduled to clean out the fridge at work. I usually get it done by 6am, my normal start time. I do it early so no one would know who does it. It pisses people off that you are throwing away their food and Tupperware and in some cases really nice plates covered with foil. It’s real simple. For a whole week everyone on the floor of our building gets reminder emails about when the clean-out will occur. The instructions say only food that is sealed with a visible unexpired expiration date will be returned to the fridge. So if you cover a plate with foil write a date on the foil. I’ll keep it. Otherwise it hits the bin. I am so tired of people who cannot and will not clean up after themselves. This fridge clean out started a year ago. You would think people would understand first Friday of the month is clean out day.

That was the first part of the day. I applied for another position within the company and got all my interview dates on Friday. I think that was the highlight. WIFE called and asked if I could stop by A Taste of Elegance and pick up a cake. OK, I did. Well on my way home I noticed a “hot” smell. It wasn’t until I get to a traffic light and noticed smoke coming from the general area of my front passenger tire. It turns out the caliper was not releasing the brake pads immediately after letting go of the pedal. Either means the caliper piston is shot, I have air or debris in the line or a faulty brake line. Great more work for the weekend. Once I got through all the stop and go stuff by the Dayton Mall things were ok. The breaks gradually released. So that meant a job for the weekend.

Got home had dinner and went to cut grandma’s grass. Had to help her trim some shrubs and weeds in the flower bed. Got it all done and was finishing the edging when she asked me to cut down a few more weeds near the garage. I fired the weedeater back up and proceeded to cut them down when I heard a gunshot. I killed the trimmer and was looking around … I could not find anything or anyone until I looked in the garage. Apparently the trimmer kicked up a stone and threw it with such force it blew out the back window of grandma’s car. I should have taken that as a hint the weekend was not going to go well. I have to call her insurance company today and see what they recommend.

I got home after cleaning up weeds, sticks grass and glass and got a shower. Oh yeah, and I noticed at my aunt’s house (my in-laws’ rental property) that the large silver maple tree was nearly cut down. So I called F-I-L to tell him Vic showed up to cut the tree. He said sounds great, come on down for dinner. So I did .. and when I got there my wife’s aunt was there with her two grand-kids. She’s been staying with my in-laws while the kitchen was being tiled and the tree work was being done. I talked with Steve and he said the kitchen is finished and we can move things back in. Well it’s not that simple. My father-in-law had eye surgery. He couldn’t help. That meant Trisha and her 2 grandmonsterskids would be staying with my in-laws … and my father-in-law was not happy. I rounded up WIFE’s cousin and told him he was helping to put it back together. We got everything moved back in except the washer and drier. Steve still had to run the vent pipe for the drier. I put the fridge back together and reconnected the waterline … there was now no excuse for them to say with my in-laws. I then went back to the in-law’s for dinner.

Remember it’s still just Friday.

Got home around 7:30 and started to work on closing the pool. I disconnected the heater. Got it drained and realized I was drained as well. I called it a night. Got another shower and went to bed.

You know .. this is possibly the longest entry I’ve written yet. Am I being long winded? Nah … just trying to explain why I was looking forward to today.

Saturday is game day .. both for the EPL and for SAY. I’m the coach for my daughter’s SAY team. It’s our second game. And we are ready to go and I get a call that one of the girls won’t be there. That’s ok. We have 18 girls. We play 11. We’ll be fine. We were walked on. we lost 7 to nothing. My girls looked tired. And they just wanted to socialize on the field. They weren’t really into the game. By half time I told the girls just consider this practice. Don’t work to hard at it. Just have fun. And they did. When it was over they were a bit down, but that’s ok. We had another game on Sunday. We left the field and didn’t say much. We stopped at IGA in Springboro and picked up some steaks and a bottle of wine. Got home and WIFE and DAUGHTER-2 went to the fair in Lebanon to visit with WIFE’s aunt and her grandmonsterskids. I was hot and tired and exhausted and I took a shower and hit the bed to take a nap with my dog. DAUGHTER-1 calls from the school an hour later and needs me to get her. She’s been working on set construction for the high school play. I picked her up. Got home and my mother-in-law had left a message about the firewood in their front yard from another tree they had taken down. Someone took the wood from the rental property and it was supposed to go to grandpa. I had to go load firewood. So I went down there to do that. Got that done and had to come back and grill steaks … it’s now 7pm. We eat. I’m ready for bed, it’s 8pm and I am spent. It’s Saturday night. That means the girls stay with my in-laws and WIFE and I get the night to ourselves. I perk up a little. I break out the bottle of wine and here comes DAUGHTER-2. She decided to stay at home. Ok .. things change. I can work with it. We get DAUGHTER-2 tucked in at 9pm and DAUGHTER-1 calls. She’s coming home too. Well the winds have left my sails, I get yet another shower coz I was still a bit sweaty from moving firewood. I go to bed. I sleep until just before 3am. It’s Sunday. I was wide awake. I got up. Watched TV, read, worked on a team lineup for the soccer game … DAUGHTER-2 is up at 7:30. Fix her breakfast. WIFE is up at 8:30. We get ready for the Bengals’ game … WIFE is a huge fan. We get ready to have lunch at the in-laws’. After eating, my father-in-law reminds me that the tree guy is coming back to grind out his stump today. That means I need to dig out all the mulch and topsoil from around the tree. It’s 1:00, DAUGHTER-2’s game is at 3pm we need to leave by 2:30. I finish the digging at 2:10. We go to the game. We tie, 3 to 3 (actually it was a loss of 3-1). One of our goals was scored as the whistle blew at half time. The refs decided not to count it. We had another goal taken away because a ref blew a play dead. She said the other team’s goalie had possession of the ball but it was still rolling. I taught my girls to chase the ball to the goal. They did. Refs didn’t count that and gave us a warning. In my book it was a tie.

It would have been nice for my day to end there. But it didn’t. My brother-in-law, his wife and kids were meeting my family and my in-laws for dinner. He’s got 3 kids under the age of 3. And, well, let’s just say they do not mind very well. It was a challenge. It was the longest 90 minutes of my life. I didn’t say a word. I just watched. We then decided we should all go get ice cream. Sure … amp these kids up more on sugar and chocolate. đŸ™‚ I don’t have to take them home. And for 40 minutes they ran around behind the DQ. Not one of them listening to anything any adult said. We got back in the car to head home and were greeted by pure silence. No one said a word. It was beautiful. I got home, played with the dog a bit. Then went to bed and slept like a rock. That’s why I’m looking forward to Monday.


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