I have a problem

I am an addict to buying cameras.

I own too many cameras. Really I do. Granted I use each and every one. I don’t im000560.jpgtake pictures as often as I used to. I’m trying to get back into it. Hence the Digital Rebel XTi and Digital Rebel purchases. I sold off my Rebel 2000 and a really nice Sigma 50mm f1.8 lens that only worked on the Rebel 2000. In the picture you can see from left to right the following: a Vivitar 3800N, a Seagull 4A-109 TLR, my brand new Digital Rebel XTi, my ebay find of the Digital Rebel, an Elan 7e, a Pentax ZX-50 and the Canon Powershot S2 IS. Not pictured is the HP M407. I used it to take this picture.

Each camera I bought used except the S2, the XTi and the ZX-50. They are the only cameras I bought new. I bought the Vivitar to force myself to learn all the manual functions of a 35mm. There is nothing automatic on it except the self timer. By far the easiest manual 35mm camera I’ve ever used. The ZX-50 I bought in 1994 to take on vacation to Myrtle Beach. I picked up the Elan 7e when I was taking a photography course in 2003. It’s by far the best 35mm film camera I have used. I bought a Canon Powershot G3 in 2004 (not pictured). I loved it! My mother-in-law now has it. I got the Canon Powershot S2 IS to replace the G3. I got to play around with Chris’s S2 and really liked it. That’s why I bought it. And that’s when the G3 went to my mother-in-law. I had a dual purpose for buying the S2.

I have used each one and love each one. The 2 newest are going to get some serious workouts over the next few weeks.


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