friggin insomnia …

I am wide awake! It’s 2:22am. My back hurts and my foot hurts. I went to bed at 10pm. Was out by 10:30pm. I hate this. I am so tired. I wish I could get back to sleep. This has happened a lot this last month.

update 8:50am:

I really hate it when I can’t sleep. I finally went back to bed at 3:20. Slept like a rock until 6:05. I don’t even remember shutting off the alarm. It goes off at 4:45. I woke at 6:05 when my neighbor left for work. I’m supposed to be in at 6am. When I hear his truck I know I overslept. I hate oversleeping. Not only because it makes me late, but because it puts me into a panic/rush mode and I forget things.

Back was hurting from working on the car (yet again). I did a brake job a few weeks ago and noticed a problem with the caliper not wanting to compress easily. I bled the lines, put new pads on and a new rotor. Well … that caliper locked up on me last week. I had to beat the caliper off yet again! This time I replaced everything. I replaced the brake line hoses, the caliper, the pads (both sides) and the rotors (both sides). I completely bled the break system, front and rear. I went to the extreme on it. Took almost 3 hours in the drizzle/rain/sun … yes, in 3 hours the weather went from cloudy to a drizzle to rain to sun peaking out from the clouds. It cost me $116 in parts. The job would have cost me about $500 at Midas. I know coz I took it there for an estimate. And their estimate only included replacing the caliper, both rotors and the pads and bleeding the front break lines only. It didn’t include replacing the brake line hoses … I saved $384. That works out to $128 an hour for labor. Yeah, I’m worth $128 an hour.


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