We won!

Yesterday was our fifth soccer game. It was a home game. We finally got to play on the fields we’ve been practicing on. Everyone showed up. First 2 quarters were uneventful . We kept the ball on Franklin’s side of the field but we just could not connect the dots. When they finally did move the ball to our end the drew a penalty kick from one of my defenders. I just wasn’t sure which one. There were 4 girls bunched up and the trip could have been on Franklin’s own team.

It wasn’t until 3rd quarter that we scored. And it was with the most unlikely line-up. 3rd quarter was my “rest-up” quarter and push back in the 4th. My front line and halfbacks scored 3 goals and had a total of 8 shots on their goal. 3 went wide, 1 hit the post and the last was stopped. I got my 4th quarter girls on the field and they kept the ball at on Franklin’s half, but only had one shot on goal. I think I’m going to have to rethink my lineup!

We won! 3-0. We are 2 & 3 for the season so far. We play the other win-less team on Saturday. I told my girls if they win that game I’d take them out for ice cream. Maybe I just jinxed it.


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