One on one meetings …

One on one meetings … We have them where I work all the time. Usually they are with your manager and they happen once a month and it’s just a “wazup” meeting. We have them when you are mentoring or being mentored. I have one with a Director. I applied and interviewed for a management position in another department. I was one of 3 final candidates. It’s a 1/2 hour block of time. There has been no notice sent out and no one I’ve spoken with knows who the job is going to. There is a 1/2 hour meeting blocked out before me and a one hour blocked out after me. But I also noticed that there were two 1/2 hour meetings blocked out late this afternoon. So … it’s a crap shoot. Did I get it or didn’t I? The Director wants to announce next week who the new manager is. My guess is it is going to the person in the one hour meeting following mine. I don’t think 30 minutes is enough to talk things over with the potential new manager. But it’s plenty long enough to say “you’re not it”. And I am more than happy with it if that is the case. Six months ago I would have moved with out too much hesitation. But things change. I like where I am. Things are getting better. My team is coming together and I am finally getting more comfortable in the Team Lead role for this team. Making a change, into a management position, is a big step. It can be overwhelming. I feel overwhelmed thinking about being in that specific position. Now granted, in six months I might regret not being the chosen one …

But what if it is me? Seriously!?? What if? By turning it down will I limit my chances at future management positions? Will it cripple my career? Not really. At least I don’t think it will. I can always give up the management track now and go back to being technical. Consulting Engineer is above the Senior Engineer level … and it offers more $$$ bandwidth. About the same as a manager. Just on a technical level.

Tomorrow is that one on one .. at one.


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