Some things work out in the long run

I did not get the job. All things considered it was a close. According to the manager our interview results were weighted and averaged. Myself and one of the other 2 candidates were equal. What it came down to was I only have an Assoicates degree, the other candidate has a MBA … that was it. Not a surprise really. I expected it to come up in the interviews. It never came up. To be honest with you, 17 years experience as a Systems Engineer/Admin and the last 5 years being a team lead for 2 different teams far outweighs a 4 year degree in my book. But hey, us technical guys prove ourselves with what we can do and not what we were supposedly taught. I’ve met some pretty stupid people with 4 year degrees … Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter. I’m relieved. If the job was offered to me I would really have had to think long and hard about accepting the position.

The hiring manager was a bit surprised by my attitude. I expressed my appreciation for his time and to have been considered one of the top 3 candidates. And was surprised to have been so close with the other candidate. To be honest, I really think he’s a better fit for the position. He has more knowledge about the online systems and the processes in place. His current position has him in an advantage. He sees that side of the business daily. I see the backend.  I even told the hiring manager that when I heard of who the candidates were that I thought the one who got it was the one who should be hired. I was pleased with the outcome and looked forward to working with the new manager to further the relationships my department has built with the existing organization. I also told him that after praying about it I knew no matter the outcome I have things planned for me and I have to follow those … I don’t think he understood exactly what I meant.



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2 responses to “Some things work out in the long run

  1. It all works out for the good 🙂

  2. Dr Rhiannon Meredith

    As a UK Chartered Engineer who wandered into MBA education at the end of my career, I know what you mean! It seems that the better one is at a technical job, the harder it becomes to break out of that mould.

    A way forward may be to set your sights on an MBA in the longer term but to enrol on something a bit less ambitious in the short term. If the initial qualification leads towards the MBA so much the better.

    Here in the UK, the government has recently completed an exercise mapping ‘professional’ and academic qualifications and this is helping to provide paths through from one to the other. Qualifications from the awarding body Edexcel in management may be taken at any level and used as steps on the way to an MBA.

    Incidentally, this is not an advert as I only now deal with MBA’s but the qualifications CMS (Certificate in Management Studies) and APDMS (Advanced Professional Diploma in Management Studies) are such qualifications. As these are Edexcel accredited, they have international currency. A search on the internet should provide some info on these.

    Keep up the good work, were I to be recruiting you can guess who would get the breaks.

    All the Best,


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