Rain rain go away ..

.. come back after I get my lawns cut, pool closed, trees trimmed and cut down. I’ve got too much work to do to have you messing up my plans! 🙂

I thought about cutting grass on Thursday and should have done it. It rained Friday almost all day, and into Saturday morning. (Great weather to get a blanket and cuddle up on the couch.) We had a soccer game Saturday at noon and it started raining the last few minutes of it. It rained off and on all of Saturday. No yard work was going to get done …

And speaking of soccer: We pulled off another win! We are 3 and 3 so far for the season. We have 2 really tough teams this upcoming weekend. I’d be please as punch with ties, but one of these teams already handed our butts to us. The other team we’ve not played but they are undefeated. Last week I told my girls that if they pulled off a win Saturday I’d take them for ice cream. It cost me $28. And you know what? I didn’t mind it. We had fun!! And that’s what SAY (recreational) Soccer is all about. Learning new skills, team work, sportsmanship and fun! And if I’m not having fun, I doubt the girls are having fun.

Back to the topic – My yard finally dried out enough to cut yesterday evening. But not completely dry. I have these brown tire-tracks throughout the yard everywhere I drove the tractor. And I’m hoping there is no rain today. I need to get grandma’s grass cut before 6pm. I need to be in Beavercreek at 6:45. My pool is “flooding”. It’s literally overflowing! My neighbor closed his pool yesterday. I probably could have done my pool yesterday too, but WIFE was not feeling well and she asked me to sit and play nurse. I hate that nurse outfit .. that skirt makes my butt look big .. 😀

And how much longer do you think George Bush can keep these oil prices artificially low? Make the people feel good by “giving back to them”. Make them forget how rough it was until after the elections. It takes 30 days to create new habits .. and George is doing just that. People were not driving as much and spending as much. Give them 30 days to spend that “extra” gas money and they will forget it was him and his oil buddies who put the screws to us for about a year now. And this next election doesn’t really matter. We only have one party to choose from .. the Neocon party. I’m thinking of not even voting. It doesn’t count anyway. We saw what happened 2 years ago in Ohio with Bush and Kerry. It’ll be ugly in a few weeks. I’m thinking of not even watching TV until the elections are over …



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2 responses to “Rain rain go away ..

  1. Alicia

    The oil stocks are even out of favor right now, so I think we can count on low gas prices until the elections are over. You might be able to make some money buying oil stocks and holding them until the elections are over

  2. LOL! Yeah .. maybe .. George will spin up the money machine soon and we will be paying through the nose after the elections. It’ll hit the fan just before or right after Christmas.

    I also expect George to fire up the fear machine again in the coming weeks. More bird flu worries .. 😦

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