I better get this right …

WIFE’s 40th birthday is coming up. We are celebrating it early. Like this Saturday! I still have to get the cake and finish planning the menu. I need to try to find a videotape my inlaws had made that contains julie2.jpg8mm home movies of WIFE. We are getting photos together to display as well. We got all the invitations mailed out. We’ve not had anyone say they can’t make it. We are also going to celebrate DAUGHTER-2’s birthday at the same time. We sent her invitations out as well. I tell you, it’s so hard to get everyone together my mother-in-law and I decided to to both at the same time. It’ll make things easier on everyone else. It’s not a surprise. WIFE knows the details. She’s helped to plan most of them. She’s the party girl in the family. By that, I mean she loves parties and loves to plan them and be a part of them. Example: We are getting 2 cakes. She loves corner pieces. Extra frosting 🙂 She wanted 8 corners. One cake is chocolate and the other is white. Both will have buttercream icing. And it has to be from The Taste of Elegance bakery. They have, by far, the best cakes in town!

So like I was saying. I better get this right. I’d hate to mess this up. She’s only going to turn 40 once. And she did a great job on my 40th. I’ve got to do at least 1/2 as well for her … 🙂 I think my gift giving abilities will make up for any shortcomings in my party planning abilities. I think I can buy gifts that are idea for just about anyone know. That’s the key. Knowing the person. If I don’t know them I can always find a generic gift that will meet the occasion.



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3 responses to “I better get this right …

  1. Cake is ordered to match the plates and other decorations. And I have the rest of the menu worked out. Nothing fancy. Mostly finger foods and Hors d’Oeuvres (I had to look that one up!). Cake and ice cream of course.

  2. Alicia

    Taste of Elegance is a big hit at our house, too. You know, they sell the frosting without any cake. You can get a side of frosting to go with the cakes!

  3. Yep! Already have that planned! 🙂

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