Weird Dreams

Lately I’ve been having some of the weirdest dreams. Down right not normal forget to wear your pants to work dreams. Not the ones where you have super powers or you have millions of dollars. Just realistic, strange, bizarre types of dreams. The theme the last few weeks has been apocalyptic in nature. Very real. But my dreams are me trying to get to my wife and kids who have been taken away for safety. It’s me and a few others looking for their families. Maybe I think too much about how our government is taking away more and more of the freedoms our parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc .. fought for. Or they came to this country because of the freedoms. My great great grandparents from both sides of the family came over from Europe.

My heritage includes German, Hungarian, Polish and Turkish peoples. Not sure exactly who was who and exactly where they came from. But they were immigrants. I am just focused on the “why” they came. They came to escape governments that were controlling and oppressive. Governments that spied on it’s people. Governments that over-taxed their people. Governments that lied to their people. Governments that ruled the people through fear. Does this sound familiar? It’s what the neocons are doing right now. They are taking away more and more of our freedoms. Freedoms your think you still have are an illusion. Do you think you have the freedom of free speech? You don’t. You cannot say what you feel or think without the fear of someone being offended. Lord forbid you actually piss someone off with your words. You may find yourself in court. Your freedom of religion? Doesn’t exist. If you are a Christian it’s a myth. There are organizations in place right now that are trying to remove every symbol of Christianity from our national, state and local public places and forms of government. If it bothers you so much look away! It’s the same thing people say about the violence/sex/drugs/etc that show up in television programs – “Change the channel”. Well, if you don’t like it look away or get the hell out of my country! This nation was founded on Christian principles. Our basic laws of society are founded in the Ten Commandments.

If you really want to remove these 10 basic principles from our communities and forms of government, you really need to get rid of the laws based on them as well. Let’s pick one – Thou shalt not steal. Well it is one of the commandments, isn’t it? Remove it from our courthouses, government buildings, town squares, schools or any other public place because it offends you. Well then you must remove it from the law books as well, because it offends you. SO any of the millions of people behind bars for theft should be set free. They were convicted of a law that no longer exists.

How about this commandment being removed because it offends – Thou shalt not kill. Hmmmm … If we do away with that one we can set all the thousands free who have murdered someone. You see where this is going? OK, so think that I’m being foolish and those are basic laws that exist in just about every society, right? Do you know why they exist in every society? In the Bible, in particular, Jeremiah 31:33, Hebrews 8:10 and 10:16 or Romans 2:15. He (God) has written His law on our hearts. We all know His law and have a sense of right and wrong … He put it there.

OK .. so I rambled and really spread that topic out more than I want.

When are we going to realize we have given our government too much control. We’ve asked them to save us from ourselves and now we are getting what we deserve. We are slaves. Our master is kind right now. But the neocons will ask us to give up more and more. And “we” will. When they come to your house and use the laws that FEMA provides and take your wife and place her in a camp, and they take your kids from schools and place them in a camp and they haul your butt off to another camp and tell you it’s for your own safety, will you buy it then? Sure you will. You have agreed to it now. And with the help of big media, we are buying into the fear machine more and more. Did you know your chances of being killed in a terrorist attack are lower than being killed by a tornado?

Wake up America and PullYourHeadOutOfYer …..


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  1. Alicia

    Neal Boortz, if you aren’t listening to him, you would enjoy his shows!

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